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Famous works of art...recreated with buttons

and beads, and shells, and barbies, and curtain hooks…
Oct 1st 2013, 1:28 PM 1,559 1

JANE PERKINS REMAKES famous works of art with buttons, but she doesn’t stop there. Basically any other fiddly plastic objects will do.

To create her Plastic Classic collection where “old masters are given a contemporary twist”, she uses anything she can get her hands on including toys, shells, beads and jewellery.

We’ve never spotted Simba in Sunflowers before… or the dinosaurs.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring


The Mona Lisa



Van Gogh’s Sunflowers



The Queen

We especially love the ‘legless’ detail on her crown.


They’re amazing, you can see the rest on Jane’s website, including Warhol’s Marilyn and Monet’s Poppies.

While she may replicate a particular piece more than once, none are ever the same due to the different materials she uses.

Here’s a peek inside her studio, it’s one massive choking hazard:

Source: DevonOpenStudios2011

via Interesting Thingz

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