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# brit brit
Britney Spears fans are trolling Taylor Swift fans and it is a joy to behold
Taylor Swift failed to break Britney’s record this week and Brit’s fans are only delighted.
# Fandom
Niall Horan got hit by a shoe, and Directioners are tearing themselves apart
Online fandom is crazy.
# 50 Shades of Harry
A raunchy One Direction fan fic has just landed a six-figure book deal
It’s 50 Shades of Grey, with added Harry Styles.
# magic or the force
Who would win in a fight between Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker?
Magic or the Force? Wizards or Jedi Knights?
# Toy Story
Toy Story fan theory about Andy's ma blows minds all over the internet
Heads are exploding from here to infinity, and beyond.
# miss me?
Sherlock season 3 finale generates more than quarter of a million tweets
There were almost 10.5K tweets per minute at the peak.
# nice guy
Young girl with autism makes huge Tom Hanks scrapbook... and finally shows it to him
Tom Hanks might be the best guy ever.
# calling the hill
GAA fans asked to get in on the act(ing)
Dublin Fringe Festival 2013 wants volunteers to take the terrace, sorry – stage, for performance piece about fandom.
# bronies
In pictures: Meet the men who dress up as My Little Pony
They’re called ‘bronies’.
# Harry Potter
Could it be magic? Harry Potter fans in frenzy over new website
JK Rowling has launched a mysterious new site, and many readers believe it heralds Harry’s return.