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# nailed it
This Mayo clothes shop sure knows how to pull in the customers
# gubu
These politicians did a mortifying fashion show on TV3 this morning
We’d advise them all to stick to the day job.
# flattering
This plus sized designer's 'unflattering' dress caused a huge fuss online
Alysse Dalessandro’s ‘cupcake dress’ started a discussion this week about plus size fashion.
# smart clothes
The fashion giant that probably knows what you want to wear... before you do
We unpick the technology behind Zalando, Europe’s biggest online fashion store.
# flattering
This plus sized designer's 'unflattering' dress has caused a fuss online
Alysse Dalessandro’s ‘cupcake dress’ has started a discussion about plus size fashion.
# J Crew
US brand J Crew shot their Christmas style guide in Kerry, and it looks amazing
Don’t be getting notions about yourself now, Kerry.
# balmaination
Here's why loads of Irish people were queuing up outside H&M this morning
It’s got a little something to do with Balmain x H&M.
# balmaination
Here's why loads of Irish people were queuing up outside H&M this morning
It’s got a little something to do with Balmain x H&M.
# fashion darling
10 times ASOS made us question the concept of fashion
As Seen On absolutely nobody.
# tights forever
5 reasons why black tights are the most important item in any woman's wardrobe
The Guardian asked when it’s ‘socially acceptable’ to wear black tights. We say: ALWAYS.
# Der Migrant
This photographer's 'migrant chic' fashion shoot hasn't gone down very well
He has since taken it offline.
# Paris Fashion Week
These models 69ing as part of a catwalk show have certainly turned heads
Ah, fashion.
# five decades later
On his way out: Ralph Lauren is quitting his job as boss of Ralph Lauren
He’s led the company for 48 years.
# food for thought
Hair trends in China just got even stranger
It’s food, for your hair.
# frow yo
The 9 most preposterous New York Fashion Week happenings, ranked
What are thoooooose?
# pan stik
10 distinctly Irish style tips
Are you ready for LFW (Letterkenny Fashion Week)?
# slidin in ya hair like
This new hair trend makes it look like you have tiny bean sprouts growing from your head
It’s the new flower crown.
# swinter
Fashion magazines are trying to make 'Swinter' happen, and it's not going to happen
It’s basically the whole Irish summer.
# High Court
McElhinneys fashion store could be saved
The well-known occasion-wear shop employs 29 people in Meath.
# blackface
Is copying this model's skin condition racist?
Chantelle Brown-Young, known as Winnie Harlow, has vitiligo.
# bootcut is back
Skinny jeans are officially over
An investigation into the unfathomable rise of the bootcut jean.
# penneys thanks
11 times Penneys truly outdid themselves
It’s a place of joy.
# sandles and socks
Is it ever acceptable to wear socks and sandals?
Grazia claims they’re back in fashion.
# one leg
This questionable plus-size leggings ad is all sorts of WTF
Marketing at its worst.
# maillot bon
We've reached peak Stade Francais! Here's what the Top14 champions will wear this season
The latest trends from Paris are right here.
# She's in fashion
Topshop agreed to pull ' ridiculously tiny' mannequins after an emphatic Facebook complaint
“As you are aware, the year is 2015…”
# Thrifty
7 tips for getting every last bit out of your make-up
Waste not…
# autumn winter collection
Short sleeves optional to Batman-esque tech: The evolution of Irish Rugby World Cup jerseys
We’ve come a long way, baby!
# bronde new hair
The 'Bronde' hair trend is taking over - here's why everyone's talking about it
It’s exactly what it sounds like.
# teenage dirtbag
12 fashion disasters all Irish teen lads faced in the 00s
How were these allowed to happen?
# Oh dear
"Despicable and sexist" - the New York Times is under fire for this headline
Oh very dear.
# well heeled
Should high heels be banned? A case for and against
Pretty or perilous? You decide.
# it's the pits
How armpit hair became THE trend for summer 2015
Seriously. Razors are out.
# Body Image
This Yves Saint Laurent ad was banned for using an 'unhealthily underweight' model
It’s not the first time the French fashion label has been the target of complaints.
# Bounce
6 things we already know about RTÉ's new Xposé rival
Glenda Gilson and co are being given a run for their money.
# wtaf please
This fashion label has made the ultimate pisscatcher shoe
Burn them. Gather them up and burn them all.
# frosted tips
15 questionable fashion choices every 00s Irish teen made at the school disco
Oh no…
# strike a pose
Why were celebrities wearing crazy-looking outfits last night?
It’s essentially a lot of showing off.
# Met Gala
What the hell is the Met Gala, anyway?
The Met Gala is the talk of the internet every year, but well – what is it?
# Dilemma
Would you buy €2 t-shirts if you knew the real cost of them?
Do you care about who makes your t-shirts?