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False teeth, sanitary pads and cooking oils found in 64m giant fatberg discovered in UK
The fatberg was discovered under Sidmouth in Devon just before Christmas last year.
Public urged not to put food waste down the sink to prevent 'fatbergs' building up
Over €7 million is spent every year by Irish Water dealing with fatbergs in public pipes.
8ft fatberg made of wet wipes and nappies removed from sewer in Wicklow
People have been urged to be more mindful of flushing inappropriate things down the toilet.
What size was the 'monster' fatberg found blocking a sewer in the UK? It's the week in numbers
Plus: The number of food businesses that received closure orders last month.
'Monster' 64m fatberg discovered blocking sewer in UK
The mass, which is made up of oil, fat and wet wipes, is the largest-ever fatberg to have been discovered in Devon.
A 130-tonne 'monster fatberg' is clogging up London sewers
It’s going to take around three weeks to clear out the rock-solid mass.
Think before you flush: 10-tonne fatberg removed from London sewer
The large blob was found in a drain in west London.
A fatberg the length of a Boeing 747 was found under a London street
The fatberg is made up of congealed fat and baby wipes.
Viagra, leprosy and kids who hate school: The week in numbers
Plus: How many hoax calls are made to the HSE ambulance service every day?
14-tonne 'fatberg' discovered in London sewers
It’s a giant blob of congealed fat and wet wipes.