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12 little details you never noticed in Father Ted

Look harder.
Apr 20th 2015, 9:30 PM 30,156 13

YOU MAY HAVE watched each episode ten times, but we bet you didn’t notice this lot.

1. The music magazine Niamh Connolly was on was called RockCupboard

The magazine featured in Rock a Hula Ted is a blatant parody of Hot Press.


2. The movie Ted watches only exists in Father Ted and Seinfeld

The movie Ted is discussing with Dougal in Going to America sounds identical to one discussed by characters in US sitcom, Seinfeld, episode The Pool Guy.

They both describe scenes in which Harrison Ford jumps off the plane and fires back up at it. Its title in Seinfeld is Firestorm.

3. How about those Eurosong competitors…

You Dirty English Bastards is a favourite.

BnQXlTJIUAA4iz5 Source: Twimg

(Also, you may recognise Death Pigs from the cover of Rock Cupboard.)

4. Dougal had the wrong indicator on when he leaves in the milk cart

Ah Dougal.


5. The book Dougal was terrified of?


6. The giant box of teabags Mrs Doyle buys to prep for Eoin McLove contained 40,000 teabags

In Night of the Nearly Dead Mrs Doyle’s whopper tea bags were shaped like a REALLY TALL TOWER.


7. The horse Ted bets on is called Divorce Referendum

Wonder what it would be if it was made today…


8. Keeping with magazine parodies…

Did you notice this holy version of Hello! magazine, featuring the Pope?


9. The only time we actually see Ted saying mass is in Speed 3

He ALMOST says it many times, but we never actually see it.

speed32 Source: Thefathertedguide

10. The number 13 pops up a LOT

In Flight Into Terror, it appears on Ted’s money box.


Father Larry Duff’s skiing number.


Father Jack knocks Ted down at hole 13 in New Jack City.


When talking to the TV producer in Good Luck, Father Ted, Ted is listed as 13.


Thanks to for this one.

11. Dougal’s spider dreams

In Good Luck, Father Ted, when Dougal goes to bed after discussing the spiderbaby, there’s an actual spider on his bedside table. Was that why he was dreaming of it?



12. And… Father Dick Byrne is married?

When Father Jack accidentally scores a goal in Escape From Victory, we can clearly see a wedding ring on Father Dick Byrne’s finger. Oooh.


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