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A woman carrying a Father Ted sign at the maternity hospital protest only went and bumped into Graham Linehan

The man himself!
Apr 23rd 2017, 3:48 PM 11,533 0

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO attend a protest in Ireland without stumbling across a Father Ted-inspired sign. “Down with this sort of thing,” and the like.

Yesterday, Parents For Choice held nationwide protests against the decision of Minister for Health Simon Harris to grant ownership of the National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity.

Bébhinn Farrell, a psychotherapist, was among those in attendance at the protest held outside Holles Street in Dublin.

She brought a poster with her that read, “Women’s Healthcare Is Not An Ecumenical Matter,” and which was accompanied by a photo of Father Jack flipping the bird.

And who did she bump into? Only Graham Linehan himself.

Linehan and his wife, Helen, were among the speakers at the event.

“Someone else pointed it out and I asked for a picture,” Farrell told “He was lovely and kind and I thanked him for all the time he gives to Irish women’s rights.”

He was wonderful and ended his short speech at the protest with a Father Jack quote: “Nuns! Reverse! Reverse!”

Farrell explained the thinking behind her poster.

“I’ve been actively pro-choice for a long time and wrote a psychology thesis on the negative impact of criminalising abortion, so my posters were always quite serious and stats focused.”

But the ridiculousness of handing ownership of our maternity hospital to the Sisters of Charity, could only be captured really with Father Ted. To think that the show, which is supposed to be surrealist satire, is over 20 years old, yet still didn’t have a storyline this far-fetched really highlights how out of touch the government are with what is morally acceptable to the people of this country.
The Catholic Church has no place in women’s reproductive health, a sentiment clearly reflected by the Citizens’ Assembly regarding the 8th amendment yesterday.

Father Ted: inspiring protesters since 1995.

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