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9 emotions and feelings we urgently need words for

Crying, but specifically on an airplane.
Jun 28th 2015, 9:30 AM 6,820 1

THE INTERNET HAS gone wild for this list of emotions people feel, but can’t explain.

But what about those feelings and emotions for which there are still no words?


1. The moment after pressing send when you become immediately convinced that you’ve sent a text to the person the text was about

Sending a Text Source: Guru Sno Studios

2. The feeling of unbridled and murderous rage towards people whose house and car alarms are going off, and the additional feeling that they’re somehow doing it on purpose

Gun Barrel Proof House, Banbury Street, Digbeth - These Premises are Burglar Alarmed Source: ell brown

3. The desperate loss of hope when you click on Internet Explorer by mistake


4. That flash of panic when you’re on a hill, you’ve applied your handbrake and you’ve just taken your foot off the footbrake

Valet Service for mom Source: OhKyleL

5. Irrationally and secretly crying on a plane


6. The hatred you think you feel towards people who constantly post selfies when deep down you know it’s jealously or envy

self Source: imgur

7. The very particular hot rage when you’re tying your hair up and the hair band snaps


8. A similar rage when the hair band won’t go around enough times


9. That feeling between disappointment in yourself and inexplicable exhilaration when you buy a book you know you’ll never read

Book Addiction Source: Emily Carlin

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