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This year
The Explainer: How will Ireland's new publicly funded IVF scheme work?
Medical journalist June Shannon joins us on this week’s episode to explain how the scheme will work, who is eligible, and how you avail of it. She also details how exactly IVF works and shares her own experience of the process.
Eight private fertility clinics in Ireland to provide HSE-funded services from later this month
The HSE-approved clinics are located in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Kildare.
Explainer: How will the new publicly funded IVF scheme work?
We’ve collected the answers to important questions like what the scheme covers and who is eligible.
New endometriosis treatment plan to include faster treatment times and two specialist centres
The framework will be implemented on a phased basis, commencing this year.
Last year
IVF publicly funded through private clinics won't start until September 2023
The public system will be built up over the year to provide IVF services through six fertility hubs around the country.
Publicly-funded IVF to begin in 2023 with 'regional fertility hubs' before that
The Department of Health had previously been reluctant to provide a timeline for services.
All time
California parents sue after getting another couple’s embryo
The babies, both girls, were born a week apart in September 2019.
Coronavirus: No deaths and 437 new cases confirmed in Ireland
The latest figures were confirmed by the National Public Health Emergency Team this evening.
Opinion: 'All couples should have the right to become parents when faced with infertility'
The Government needs to take action and implement the model of care for infertility, writes Emma Mc Dade.
Department of Health can't give timeline for rollout of publicly-funded IVF
Expert says linking IVF funding with the commencement of legislation is a ‘way of putting it off’.
Debunked: No, Pfizer's head of research did not say the Covid vaccine is 'female sterilisation'
Social media posts making the claim have been shared thousands of times in recent days.
'It's a huge source of stress': Women going abroad for IVF hit out at mixed messages over travel restrictions
Hundreds of people travel abroad for fertility treatment every year because they cannot afford it in Ireland, but Covid-19 has further complicated the situation.
Explainer: When will IVF treatment be provided through the Irish public health service?
New fertility hubs will be open next year, with IVF available in 2021.
€2 million in funding for IVF and fertility treatment set to be announced by government
One course of IVF treatment can cost between €4,000 and €4,500.
Many people relate to my story of miscarriage, says Andrea Corr
The Corrs musician was speaking on the Late Late Show last night.
'Absolutely outrageous' that promised public fertility fund still not finalised
Department of Health says rollout of €1 million fund announced last year ‘under consideration’.
Canada doctor's licence revoked for using own sperm to inseminate patients
The 80-year-old doctor did not appear at the hearing, but through his lawyers pleaded no contest.
Michelle Obama speaks about having a miscarriage and conceiving her children using IVF
The former first lady says women need to be open with other about their bodies.
Baby Bust: New report finds we're having fewer and fewer babies
Published by the Lancet, the report has found several countries are not delivering enough babies to maintain their population numbers.
Donor-conceived children: It's time to ban anonymous sperm donation
Recent studies on donor-conceived children reveal that an overwhelming number of such individuals want information relating to their donor, writes Dr Brian Tobin.
Male depression may lower pregnancy chances among infertile couples
The findings come from a study by the American National Institute of Health that looked at couples being treated for infertility.
Opinion: 'Corporate egg freezing is a great idea for the women who want that option'
However, egg freezing is a choice and should always be a choice, writes Meriem Ahmed.
Human eggs grown in lab for first time raise hopes for new fertility treatments
The lead researcher called it a “very exciting” development.
UK allows doctors to make babies using DNA from three people
The technique is being used to help prevent women passing on fatal genetic diseases to their children.
Ibuprofen during pregnancy could harm fertility of unborn baby girls - study
One in three women are estimated to use ibuprofen in the first three months of pregnancy.
'Take the smallest dose for the shortest period of time': Ibuprofen linked to male fertility problems
The study found healthy, young men developed fertility issues after taking the drug for six weeks.
Government to pay for couples to have IVF treatment
The new legislation will also regulate surrogacy and the use of embryos for research.
'Many times I just keep smiling to avoid crumbling into a crying mess'
People should think before they speak when it comes to fertility issues, Julie Ronaghan writes.
Fertility treatment: 'There may be no happy ending, but we wouldn't change anything'
Sadly, science does not yet have all the answers, writes Professor Mary Wingfield.
Doctor defends 'three-parent baby' technique amid criticism
Valeriy Zukin has used the procedure to help infertile couples have children.
Infertility problems in mice solved with 3D-printed ovaries
It’s hoped that 3D-printed skin, ears, bone scaffolds, and heart valves could solve a number of medical issues.
The first birth control app to be officially approved as a contraceptive uses an age-old method
As a fertility-awareness based contraceptive method, the app will only work well for some people.
'I was tested to the limit': How hypnobirthing is helping women during labour
“Some people think it’s new age, hippy dippy. It’s anything other than that. It’s very practical, down to earth.”
The first three-parent baby in the UK could be born next year
The technique would allow mothers who carry disease-causing mutations in their genes to give birth to children free of the illness.
Want to get pregnant? Try getting your tonsils out
The study has furthered the theory that having your appendix or tonsils removed actually improves fertility rates.
A Spanish fertility clinic that plays music to foetuses has bought a surgery in Kildare
The Clane Fertility Clinic is going to start using the technique to help the IVF process.
Landmark: First pregnancy using innovative fertility treatment in Ireland
The Cork Fertility Centre has announced the breakthrough.
'Where there's one sperm there's a way': Male infertility is common but treatable
A doctor from Cork Fertility Centre said the procedure for men to get checked out is “non-invasive and not expensive compared to what a female has to do”.
Struggling to conceive? State funding could soon cover the cost of fertility treatments
Funding will be made available as part of a bill due to be published in the first half of 2016.
When a couple faces the reality of infertility, it can send them into crisis mode
Ovulation calendars, doctors’ appointments, tests and treatments start to take over.