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9 childhood films that will make all 90s kids feel nostalgic

The crème de la crème of 1990s cinema.

ALL 90S KIDS were at least partially raised by Nickelodeon and RTÉ 2.

This is a fact.

When we weren’t watching Sabrina, The Teenage Witch or Saved By The Bell, we were busy watching these films.

Over and over and over again.

1.  War of the Buttons

war Source: ronanjaxx/YouTube

Irish children scalping buttons from each other’s clothes – that’s literally all War of the Buttons is about. But by God, if we didn’t all love it.


2. Halloweentown

halloweentown Source: Disney Movies International/YouTube

The premise for this one is pretty self-explanatory – three children accompany their grandmother to Halloweentown, a town inhabited by goblins, witches and skeletons, and try to defeat the evil mayor. (Yes, Halloweentown has a mayor.)

Alongside Hocus Pocus, it was a must-watch for all Irish children during the October midterm break.

3. Passport To Paris

1999-Passport-To-Paris-ashley-and-mary-kate-olsen-18186601-460-280 Source: Fanpop

Just one of the 1,978 films Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in during the 1990s and shown on a constant loop on Nickelodeon during the early 2000s.

In this film, the twins travel to Paris (exotic) to visit their grandfather, who just happens to be the US Ambassador to France (glamorous). Over the course of the film, the girls fall in love, cruise around on mopeds, wear cool bandanas and cause international incidents.

Oh my God, I wish I was them.
  • you, circa 2002

4. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

powerrangers Source: PsychoRFG/YouTube

Angel Grove! Bulk and Skull! Tommy and Kimberly!

*sighs nostalgically*

5. Good Burger

giphy (8) Source: hotelforcorndogs/Tumblr

Let’s face it — we’re more confident reciting “WELCOME TO GOOD BURGER, HOME OF THE GOOD BURGER, CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?” than we are saying Our Father in Irish.

The power of television.

6. Sabrina Goes To Rome

download Source: Amazon

Sabrina Goes To Rome followed the 90s movie formula of “Sure, just bring them to Europe and we’ll figure the rest out later.”

In this film, Sabrina travels to Rome to unlock her locket’s secret (of course) and falls in love with a handsome American photographer. Easy to see why it became a stalwart of midterm TV, so.

7. Baby’s Day Out

81T3KU2EbRL._SL1500_ Source: Amazon

A rich baby named Bink outsmarts his three dimwitted kidnappers.

Don’t lie, you definitely watched it on VHS at some point.

8. Monkey Trouble

monkeytrouble Source: YouTube

A young girl who is not allowed to keep a pet befriends a monkey, but, unbeknownst to her, he is a trained pickpocket. Hate that!

Definitely made you think about asking your parents for a pet monkey.

9. A Little Princess

81pmEiR+7WL._SL1500_ Source: Amazon

Was there any film more emotional than A Little Princess? We think not.

It’s basically a rollercoaster from beginning to end and also quite stressful. Will she walk across the plank? Will her dad remember who she is?


Also: bonus Liam Cunningham.

liam Source: YouTube

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