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# final frontier

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# final frontier
Government to seek Dáil approval for Outer Space Treaty
The number of companies based in Ireland now taking part in space activities has risen 60% since 2015.
# final frontier
Being kings of Europe will give Man City the credit we deserve – Pep Guardiola
The Premier League leaders face title rivals Liverpool on Sunday.
# final frontier
Astronomers observe most distant galaxy ever spotted
The galaxy candidate is some 13.5 billion light-years away, and scientists are speculating what exactly it is.
Dr Niamh Shaw: Why space travel is much more than a billionaire’s pastime
The space exploration advocate makes the case for continuing to look up and learn from the cosmos.
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# final frontier
Amazon's Jeff Bezos just launched himself to the edge of space
Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson made the voyage on 11 July, narrowly beating Bezos.
# final frontier
Donald Trump officially launches military 'Space Force'
It will initially have about 200 people and a first-year budget of $40 million.
# final frontier
Clinching back to back All-Ireland senior football titles is the last hurdle for this Dublin team to cross
Retain Sam next Sunday and they are up there with the greats, says Ray Cosgrove.
# space video
So this is what the dark side of the moon looks like
A new view from a million miles away.
# final frontier
Take a look at Pluto as you've never seen it
As no-one has ever seen it really – NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is currently as close to the distant (former) planet as any probe in history.
# final frontier
Pornhub wants to shoot the first ever sex tape in space
They launched a crowdfunding campaign today and hope the ‘sexploration’ will begin in 2016.
# hubble at 25
16 breathtaking Hubble images that changed the way we view the Universe
We have much to thank Hubble for at its 25th birthday.
# amateur astronomer
5 incredible supernovas captured in space (and how you could spot one too)
Colour and light.
# final frontier
These women were meant to be the first astronauts - but were left on Earth
Many of the women finalists scored higher in training than their male counterparts.
# up up and away
Nasa cancels satellite launch with just 46 seconds to go
The spacecraft will orbit at 705 kilometres above Earth and will provide the first complete picture of the effects of climate change.
# greetings earthlings
Curiosity Rover celebrates first year on Mars with an obligatory selfie
“This is me at work #busy #casualTuesday #cantwaittilpayday”
# final frontier
This is the first Vine ever to be sent from Space
Astronaut Reid Wiseman is on the case.
# hubble hubble
This is the most colourful photo ever taken by the Hubble Space Telescope
# brother from another mother
Scientists discover planet that is more like Earth than any other planet (but still not that similar)
The planet is snappily named Kepler 186f.
# whole of the moon
A NASA spacecraft has witnessed the birth of a 'new moon' in the rings of Saturn
“We have not seen anything like this before,” said one scientist.
# to boldly go
NASA is asking you to vote on what the next spacesuit looks like
# clear eyes round heart
Astronauts' hearts grow rounder in space, finds study
Astronauts’ hearts also got weaker because the heart doesn’t work as hard in space, say researchers.
# final frontier
Lunar rover is still alive and might actually be ok, say officials
Officials in China say there are new hopes that the Jade Rabbit lunar rover can be repaired after suffering a malfunction.
# final frontier
Key steps as Asian countries speed up in space race
China had another first this month with its moon rover – but its neighbours are not far behind.
# final frontier
One small step: China lands spacecraft on the moon
It is the first time in almost four decades that a spacecraft has landed on the moon.
# final frontier
From 1900 to 2013: The evolution of outer space on the big screen
From a man on the moon to space wonderlust, black holes and incredible aliens.
# Red Planet
Life on Mars? Not looking likely, says new NASA study
New findings from NASA’s Curiosity rover found only tiny amounts of methane gas in the atmosphere, making it unlikely that there was life on Mars.
# Galaxy Quest
Best 3D map of the centre of the Milky Way, ever...
Two groups of astronomers have used data from ESO telescopes to make the best three-dimensional map yet of the centre of our galaxy. Turns out it’s shaped a bit like a peanut…
# Space
Space rat! Bob Geldof could become first Irishman in space
The Boomtown Rats front-man accepted to offer to go up to space as part of the commercial Space Expedition Corporation flight.
# final frontier
Are humans or robots the future of space travel?
“We are a long way from the Terminator, or the Matrix” says Nasa chief historian.
# Monkey Business
Iran's space monkey doesn't look happy
This little guy is the Yuri Gagarin of Iran’s monkeys. He looks pretty unhappy about that, though.
# Look Up
Watch the skies: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... the Space Station
NASA has launched a new service that emails people when the International Space Station is visible in the skies over where they live.
# final frontier
Astronomers find diamond planet twice the size of Earth
The planet is made up mainly of graphite and diamond and was spotted zooming around a nearby star.
# mars landing
PHOTOS: "Touchdown confirmed!" Celebrations as NASA rover lands on Mars
It took eight years of work, more than €2 billion, and just a bit of luck, but Curiosity touched down on Mars just after 6.30am Irish time.
# mars landing
VIDEO: The happiest group of NASA employees you'll see today
Mars Landing! Whoo!
# final frontier
Google and NASA offer virtual tours of the Kennedy Space Centre
NASA gave Google Maps photographers unprecedented access to the centre.
# final frontier
Ireland's space programme: what Irish tech developments are heading out of this world?
From exercising in space to 3D animations, here’s how Ireland is contributing to global research for future space missions.
# final frontier
Life on Mars: how close are we to living in space?
Mankind’s fascination with space has long sparked fantasies of living away from Earth, but is this any closer to becoming a reality?
# Space
Hubble telescope spots fifth moon near Pluto
The irregular-shaped moon is less than 23 km wide, according to NASA. No wonder they never spotted it before now…
# final frontier
Want to ask the head of NASA some questions? Here's how.
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will be in Dublin next week and he’ll be answering questions from people on Twitter.
# final frontier
Is NASA's Voyager about to leave the solar system?
The spacecraft, which was launched in 1977, appears to be on the verge of becoming the first spaceship to leave the solar system. Bon voyage…