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Michigan man uses firework to knock out bees' nest, burns building down by mistake
Fortunately, no-one was injured.
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What happens when a fire station and a police station are side by side...
You guys!
# New York
Two killed, 18 injured in New York gas explosion and building collapse
The cause of the blast is still unclear but locals said it was so powerful it knocked groceries off the shelves of nearby stores.
New York: nine injured and two killed in Manhattan shooting
Several people were shot outside the Empire State Building this morning. two have been killed, including the shooter.
# New York
One dead, four injured after helicopter crashes into New York's East River
Local camera crews filmed dramatic scenes as all but one of the passengers on board a private helicopter were rescued.
‘Everything was pulverised’: A New York firefighter reflects ten years on
Eddie Boles was on his day off when two planes struck the Twin Towers in New York. He recounts that day and how he and his colleagues are dealing with its consequences ten years on.