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Opinion: Religion is a choice - not an obligation. Let's make religious classes opt-in
Our schools may be Catholic, but young Irish families, increasingly, are not, writes David Graham of Education Equality.
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Poll: How much is appropriate to give to a child making their communion?
A quarter of children surveyed received more than €800.
# First Holy Communion
Parents spending over €900 on average for their child's Communion
A quarter of children make over €800 on their Communion day.
# parental pressure
Priest reverses controversial 'any Sunday in May or June' Communion plan after backlash
Parents had been told that they were welcome to bring their children to receive the sacrament at mass any Sunday in May or June.
# Communion money
How much do children get on their Communion day and how much do parents spend?
It’s an expensive day all around, but how expensive are we talking?
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Man whose dangerous driving caused death of woman (70) allowed to attend son's Communion
The postman, who is visually impaired, can attend the event before starting his five-year jail term.
# (god) bless you
This 'non-First Holy Communion' card from an Irish granny is just wonderful
“We hope you both had a great day celebrating not getting your Communion.”
Opinion: First Holy Communion etiquette for sensible spenders
Let me warn you now about those who may try to get you spending against your will – and help you to defend yourself.
# first holy pepperoni
Apache Pizza in Cork are doing Communion buffets
The little pups these days don’t know they’re born.
Column: Some etiquette for the modern-day First Holy Communion
Invited to a First Communion? Are you in a state of dread? Don’t worry. Let me guide you through the etiquette of the modern Big Day, writes Avril O’Reilly.
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Is €713 too much to spend on a Communion? Most parents don't think so
The survey found that parents are spending less on the party, but more on their own outfits.
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Poll: Should preparation for sacraments remain the job of teachers?
Over 70 per cent of primary school teachers have said that they are spending longer than allocated on preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Should this be changed?
# Education
Fewer teachers now teaching religion 'willingly'
The figures in the current INTO survey were compared to similar research undertaken 10 years ago.
Average welfare payments for religious ceremonies halved in 2012
Joan Burton reveals that the average welfare payment for religious ceremony clothing went from €245 to €120.
Column: I don’t want my son to make his Communion, but I’m worried
Communion takes up too much school time says Emma Gilmore, but by opting out she fears her son may be ostracised.
# Your Say
Poll: How much is appropriate to give a child on their First Communion?
Survey says that, on average, children receive €416. But how much do you think is appropriate, or do you think a different gift would be better?
# Communion
Irish children receive more money for holy communion: Survey
Despite the country’s economic problems, the cost of a child’s first holy communion is rising – as is the amount of money children receive as gifts – according to a new study.