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Here’s what you were enjoying on this day 15 years ago

Or 25 years ago, or even 35…
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Last month, we told you what you were enjoying in January 2004, 1994 and 1984.

For our flashback to February gone by, though, we’re taking it back 15, 25 and 35 years into the past in our pop culture time machine.

So sit back and be transported as hits you with the cream of the crop from the rare old days – including news, music, film and TV – to give you a taste you were enjoying back in the day.


In February 1999, you were listening to…

Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)  by The Offspring was top of the Irish charts at the beginning of the month, knocked off the peak position by Britney Spears and her stormer …Baby One More Time.

Source: BritneySpearsVEVO

In the news that month…

The PPS number replaced the RSI number, Westlife were gearing up to launch and novelist IrisMurdoch passed away. Glenn Hoddle was dismissed by the Football Association for his comments about disabled people. Bill Clinton is acquitted by the Senate.


In February 1989, you were listening to…

1989, in case you’d managed to repress the memory, was the big year of Kylie and Jason. The two, either together or separately, hit the Irish charts quite hard the whole year through. February, however, belonged to Marc Almond & Gene Pitney with Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart, before being toppled by Simple Minds.

Source: SimpleMindsVEVO

In February 1989, you were watching…

February 1989 was a big one for TV. It was just a few short months until Fair City hit our screens for the first time, and 5 February saw Sky Television first transmit in Ireland and the UK. In soaps, Dirty Den was shot and fell into the canal – his last appearance in Eastenders til 2003.

Gone With The Wind was re-released in 1989, but there were also a few decent new releases in town. Anyone remember The Burbs? Or Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Ah there ya are, Keanu. Excellent! Bogus!

Source: glows

In the news that month…

In boxing, Mike Tyson wins against Frank Bruno in the fifth round. A fatwa is placed on Salman Rushdie by Iranian opponents to his controversial book The Satanic Verses. Noel Haverty, the soccer player, is born. President Bush visits Japan for Hirohito’s funeral.


In February 1979, you were listening to…

It really was the groovy, disco-heavy, pop-laden 70s in Ireland. ABBA held onto the top spot the entire month of February, toppling the Village People from their perch with YMCA. Chiquitita, tell me the truth…

Source: AbbaVEVO

In February 1979, you were watching…

Dustin Hoffman, Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Dalton starred in Agatha, released in February, about the crime writer Agatha Christie’s unexplained 12-day disappearance. The Warriors was also in cinemas, as well as The Glacier Fox, Quintet and The First Great Train Robbery.

In 1979, the Riordans moved to radio from TV. This was also the first year of broadcast for the Antiques Roadshow (making it a bit of an antique itself!).

Source: robatsea2009

In the news that month…

Cork hurler Jack Barrett passes away. Patty Hearst is released from prison after her sentence is commuted by President Carter. Sid Vicious is found dead in New York from a heroin overdose. In the UK, opinion polls show the Conservatives are ahead of Labour by 20 points due to what was called “The Winter of Discontent” (widespread strikes by public sector trade unions, cold temperatures, inflation and pay caps).

What do you remember from Februarys gone by? Share the nostalgia in the comments.

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