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#Flight Attendant

From Korean Air crew to 'readily use stun guns' on troublesome passengers Safety

Korean Air crew to 'readily use stun guns' on troublesome passengers

The airline said it will also try to have at least one male flight attendant on duty for each flight.

From 'The world was our bargain basement': Former Pan Am stewardess on her global adventures Globetrotter

'The world was our bargain basement': Former Pan Am stewardess on her global adventures

Mary Lou Bigelow said it wasn’t all glamour – but it was one hell of a thrill.

From 'My biggest fear was delivering on the plane': Mother whose labour caused an emergency landing in Dublin speaks out Birth In The Air

'My biggest fear was delivering on the plane': Mother whose labour caused an emergency landing in Dublin speaks out

Jenny Drake and her now daughter Zoe Ireland are doing well.

Watch a flight attendant do a cringey dance to Uptown Funk to entertain passengers

The video is now going viral. SCARLEH.

Flight attendant busts out a Lorde cover in mid air

Seatbelts, grey goose, waitin for the bathroom…

Flight attendant's comedy safety briefing has passengers in stitches

Not literally. As in stitches of laughter.

From JetBlue attendant pleads guilty to mischief charges Flight Attendant

JetBlue attendant pleads guilty to mischief charges

Man made famous when quitting his job ordered to reimburse airline for his dramatic emergency exit.

A JetBlue passenger has spoken out against Steven Slater – the flight attendant who ended his career by sliding out of an aircraft with two beers in his hand just as the plane landed.

Slater previously said that he made the decision to quit his job as he had simply had enough.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal Majorie Briskin a 53-year-old school teacher tells a different story of the now world famous incident.

Slater had been helping a young woman (Briskin believed her to be in her 20′s) with her luggage when Slater blurted out an expletive.

“I didn’t think she was rude in the least,” said Briskin. “It really blew my mind. It was so inappropriate.”

Briskin said Mr. Slater sported a “nice gash” on his head.

But Briskin was not the only passenger who thought Slater’s behaviour to be a little odd.

Lauren Dominijanni, 25, said Slater was rude to her the moment she got on the plane.

Dominijanni said someone had spilled coffee on her seat and when she asked for a sanitary wipe to clean it up, Mr. Slater “rolled his eyes at me and said, ‘What?’ in a real rude manner.”

“No! Maybe when we get in the air! I need to take care of myself first, honey!” he went on to say.

Another passenger said Slater bumped into her in the flight but didn’t apologise.

The evidence given by the passengers is at odds with Slater’s press statement, but its not the only piece of evidence to do so.

The 38 year old said he had been in the airline industry for 28 years, in other words, since he was 10. The former flight attendant is due in court on September 7.

Slater already has over 176,000 fans on Facebook and there’s also been an ode to Slater on Youtube.

A WOMAN FROM OHIO got some unwanted attention earlier this week when she was sentenced to two months in jail for assaulting a McDonald’s employee for being unable to serve her with chicken nuggets.

Melodi Dushane pulled up at a Drive-Thru at about 6am on New Year’s Day demanding her McNuggets – but proceeded to hang out some Big Smacks (we’re sorry…) when she was told the outlet was only serving breakfasts at the time.

Dushane isn’t the only person to have made a grand exit in the past few days though. Yesterday an online slideshow did the rounds featuring a young woman who quit her job through the medium of whiteboard messages.

The employee sent a series of 33 images to everyone in her office, with her explanation for quitting her job – all of them directed at her boss – written on the whiteboard across each image.

[All images from]

(Of course, The Chive this morning revealed that ‘Jenny’ was in fact Elyse Porterfield, an actress they had hunted for the piece.)

While there have been, of course, many other ignominious ends to peoples’ employment – let’s not forget Shirley Sherrod, who was forced to quit her job when a right-wing blogger posted a heavily-edited video portraying her as racist, when in fact she was anything but – our hats go off to Steven Slater, who’s become an international hero for his own dramatic job exit.

On Monday morning Slater was working as an air steward for JetBlue Airways, a no-frills American airline, on a flight between Pittsburgh and JFK Airport. As the plane landed, a passenger stood up to retrieve his bag before the plane came to a stop.

Slater, as was his duty, asked the employee to sit down. Sadly, the passenger refused to do so, opened the overhead locker, and – just as he had warned could happen – was struck on the head by a falling bag.

Slater asked for an apology, but didn’t get one: instead he was sworn at by the aggrieved passenger. Furious at his treatment, and his bump on the head, Slater took over the plane’s public address system and said:

To the motherfucker who just told me to fuck off, fuck you. I’ve been in this business 20 years. And that’s it, I’m done.

Slater opened the aircraft’s door, activated the inflatable emergency slide and departed the aircraft, running straight to his car where he drove home.

But the best part of all? He grabbed two cans of beer from the plane’s gantry before he left.

Slater – who, amazingly, was a member of the airline’s In-Flight Values Committee – was said to have been “smiling. He was happy he’done this”, despite being arrested over the incident and charged with criminal mischief.

A Facebook page set up in honour of Slater has garnered 112,525 fans at the time of writing, and could easily accrue more in the coming days.

Here’s a 3D mockup of the incident as suggested by a Taiwanese news agency: