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This week
3rd December 2023 - 6th December 2023
Free nasal spray flu vaccine programme extended to children aged between 13 and 17
The change takes effect from today and means all children aged 2 to 17 are now eligible for the flu vaccine.
Last month
November 2023
HSE warns of public health risk due to low uptake of winter Covid-19 and flu vaccines
The executive expressed concerns over an expected rise in infections from both viruses during the winter period.
This year
Public encouraged to get Covid-19 and flu vaccines ahead of winter virus season ‘peak’
The Chief Medical Officer has reminded eligible persons to boost their protection before the respiratory virus season reaches its peak.
HSE's autumn winter flu and Covid-19 vaccination programme gets underway today
The Covid-19 autumn winter booster vaccine is recommended for people aged 50 and over. The flu vaccine is recommended for people aged 65 and over.
New round of Covid and flu vaccines to roll out at the start of October, minister says
The newest round of vaccines will come online on 2 October.
Ireland has passed the peak of this year’s 'severe' flu season, according to the CMO
Flu cases have decreased by 48% in the past week.
HSE boss: Flu, RSV and Covid figures at levels above Govt's 'most pessimistic modelling' for winter
Planning for next winter to begin early when health system is ‘over the worst’, says Stephen Mulvaney.
Health bosses will appear before the Oireachtas Health Committee today.
Covid, RSV and influenza continue to place significant pressure on GPs and hospitals.
HSE interim CEO to tell TDs that health service staff "do not believe this is acceptable".
Chief medical officer has not advocated for a mask mandate, says Taoiseach
Consultants warn of stark impacts for patients due to 'avoidable delays' in health system
Healthcare services situation ‘matching or exceeding most pessimistic model’, HSE boss says
Flu was already at levels that made this winter ‘an exceptional season’, the HSE said.
HSE rolls out walk-in flu vaccines for children after 700 hospitalisations over winter
The walk-in clinics will be available at no charge for children from age two to 17 until 23 January.
Chief medical officer has not advocated for a mask mandate, says Taoiseach
Chief Medical Officer Prof Breda Smyth has urged the public to wear masks on public transport and in crowded places.
Over 200 medicines unavailable in Ireland, including cough syrups and soluble painkillers
There is a major shortage of over-the-counter treatments for respiratory illnesses and bacterial infections.
CMO warns parents to keep sick kids at home while consultant says patients 'at risk' due to trolley crisis
A consultant in emergency medicine has warned of the impact of the pressures facing the healthcare system.
Last year
Mercy University Hospital introduces visiting restrictions due to surge in flu cases
The hospital is asking patients with less urgent needs to seek treatment elsewhere.
Flu actively circulating in the community, says HSE
The HSE said that case numbers are increasing in all age groups, but particularly children and teens under 15.
Pfizer-BioNTech to test combined Covid and flu vaccine
Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech developed one of the most widely used vaccines to combat Covid-19.
Covid-19 hospitalisations are rising, so where are we with the virus heading into winter?
The Minister for Health has said there has been a “significant” increase in the number of people in hospital with Covid in recent weeks.
HSE launches winter vaccination programme with flu and Covid-19 jabs
The HSE is inviting eligible groups to get their flu jab and their Covid-19 booster.
Flu viruses now circulating in Ireland with reported rise in cases over past week
The HPSC said flu activity “significantly increased” last week.
All time
Three confirmed cases of the flu last week
No flu hospitalised or critical-care cases were notified during the past six weeks.
HPSC reports no new cases of flu for second week
Cases of another common respiratory virus are on the rise.
'Early days' for the spread of the flu as no cases reported in the last week
The HPSC has not recorded any flu cases in the last week.
Ireland's first two flu cases of the season have been confirmed
The Health Protection Surveillance Centre said global flu detections have increased in recent weeks, “albeit at low levels”.
The HSE recently launched its winter flu vaccine programme, with children aged 2-17 offered a flu nasal spray.
Usually in Ireland, 200-500 people die from the flu each winter - but there were no recorded cases last year.
The HPSC has said that global flu detections have increased in recent weeks, "albeit at low levels".
'No evidence' yet of flu circulating but HSE urges people to 'be prepared' for winter
'No evidence' yet of flu circulating but HSE urges people to 'be prepared' for winter
Last winter there were no recorded cases of flu transmitted in Ireland.
The HSE is advising people that getting a flu jab "early on" is the best way to protect themselves, Rónán Duffy writes.
Usually in Ireland, between 200 and 500 people die from flu each winter.
However last winter there were no recorded cases transmitted in Ireland.
'Staff are beyond breaking point': Government accused of leaving health service vulnerable
At a glance: What are the new reopening plans?
Poll: Do you plan to get the flu vaccine this upcoming winter?
Flu vaccines usually reduce the risk of infection by 40-60%.
120,000 doses of children's flu vaccine destroyed due to low uptake, despite 'heavyweight' promotion campaign
The flu vaccine was free for children in Ireland for the first time in 2020.
FactCheck: No, the lack of hospitalisations from flu is not because cases are mistakenly being diagnosed as Covid-19
The claim goes against what medical and scientific experts have observed in Ireland and other countries around the world.
'If you have flu-like symptoms, assume it's Covid and self-isolate', Holohan warns
He also noted that some people who have no symptoms test positive for the virus.
No cases of flu recorded by HSE so far this winter
Two deaths and 107 new cases of the illness were reported in the same week last year.
Pharmacists urge Government to extend free flu vaccine to teenagers
The uptake of the nasal flu vaccine has reportedly been low.
'No doses have disappeared': HSE's Colm Henry rejects claims that some flu vaccines missing
Reports claim the HSE has suspended the distribution of the vaccine after it emerged 600,000 are missing.
Concerns over 'significant delay' in delivery of flu vaccine from HSE supplier
Pharmacists have said the uncertainty about deliveries and cancellation of appointments may undermine the vaccination programme.
Facebook removes Trump post for minimising dangers of Covid-19
The US President compares Covid-19 to the seasonal flu in the post.
The flu vaccine and children: Here is everything parents need to know
“The flu vaccine is one of the safest vaccines we have, it’s one of the oldest vaccines we have,” a GP said.
Poll: Do you plan to get the flu vaccine this upcoming winter?
The flu vaccine without charge has been extended to a number of additional groups this year.
HSE set to face difficult task in reaching flu vaccination targets for healthcare staff
Rates of healthcare worker vaccine uptake, particularly in nursing homes, remain low.
Testing capacity must be able to meet demand when flu season arrives, finds Covid committee report
Due to the overlap in symptoms between flu and Covid-19, testing capacity must be able to meet demand, finds report.
Covid-19 is worse in cold weather, research suggests
Experts warn that their findings paint a grim picture for the colder weather, when it is thought the disease may re-emerge.
Pharmacists call for flu vaccine to be free for everyone
The Irish Pharmacy Union has said a plan must be developed to stop hospitals becoming overwhelmed next winter, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
HSE apologises to those affected by overcrowded emergency departments as some hospitals ban visitors
Hospitals in Cork, Waterford, and South Tipperary have all imposed strict visiting restrictions.
Dublin and Cork hospitals restrict visitors as they deal with high numbers of patients with flu
Children under 12 are not permitted to visit the hospital, it said today.