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# Foil Arms and Hog

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# molton brown
This Foil Arms And Hog sketch about the upheaval before 'The Visitors' arrive is spot on
# geogra-nomics
Foil Arms and Hog's 'Leaving Cert dream' could have been ripped straight from our nightmares
# lies lies lies
Foil Arms and Hog have perfectly summed up the utter sham that is St Patrick's Day
St Patrick isn’t Irish. Potatoes aren’t even Irish. Who are we?
# great for your cv
This comedy sketch will resonate with anyone who's ever had to work for 'exposure'
“My exposure is through the roof! I’m getting so many unpaid job offers, I don’t know what to do.”
# i clicked out of it
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch nails the frustration of teaching computers to your parents
“Let me just read all these terms and conditions.” Noooooo.
# gary gary gary
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch is on the scourge of the ‘total legend’ in Irish offices
It’s a disease.
# doomdah
12 times Foil Arms and Hog perfectly skewered Irish people
They just get it so right.
# it's a bit dry
Foil Arms and Hog have identified every argument your family will have on Christmas Day
It’s all coming down the line to you!
# What now?
Foil Arms & Hog have devised 10 handy ways to pretend you were listening to someone
Just whip out the Deflating Balloon. They’ll have no idea.
# can't cook won't cook
This sketch will resonate deeply with anyone who is absolutely shite at cooking
*puts on kettle* *forgets* *puts on kettle again*
# Rebels
Foil Arms and Hog's take on the garda strike has blown up on Facebook
“First thing Friday morning we’re going fishing for wild salmon.”
# doom dah
Foil Arms and Hog have perfectly identified the 11 different ways of being late to work
The Blamer, the Gifter, the Judas… Which one are you?
# loves an epic sesh
This Foil Arms & Hog sketch about a sesh monster living for the weekend is brilliant
Time of revival, Friday 5pm.
# world traveller
This Irish sketch perfectly sums up that one mate you have who 'went off travelling'
“I feel cleansed.” “I heard you got the sh*ts.”
# get up dimitri
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch sums up the Irish Olympic boxing debacle
Michael Conlan is LOVING it.
# get up dimitri
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch sums up the Irish Olympic boxing debacle
Michael Conlan is LOVING it.
# state of ye
An Irish sketch just perfectly summed up the bleedin' state of the world
No no, we can’t go there.
# head wrecked
Foil Arms & Hog have excellently summed up why you might be confused about Brexit
# mammy mammy
Foil Arms and Hog brilliantly summed up the difference between Irish and English fans
“I can still have fizzy drinks, can’t I, Mammy?”
# Euros
This Irish sketch gets the injustice of Euros sweepstakes bang on
# fish oils
This sketch perfectly sums up the pains of studying for the Leaving Cert
# smug
This Irish skit excellently sums up how easily people get offended
Hashtag calendar prick.
# the apartment games
This comedy sketch perfectly sums up the pain of trying to find a flat in Dublin
May the rent be ever in your favour.
# doomdaaa
This Foil Arms & Hog skit brilliantly parodies RTÉ's coverage of the 1916 centenary
“He was a volunteer… In the charity shop.”
# mesho
Foil Arms & Hog's guide to speaking 'Dublin' is essential viewing for non-Dubliners
“Yi. You. Yiz. You’iz. Youz.”
# Teetotally fine
This Foil Arms & Hog sketch captures the struggle of not drinking as an Irish person
But Dad was an alcoholic! “Well, at least he was a bit of craic.”
# now in a while
This video sums up why you should never take an Irish person literally
“I’d KILL for a cup of tea.” *recoils in horror*
# the hack of ya
Irish sketch perfectly takes the piss out of life 'hacks'
Your girlfriend won’t watch football…? Get a boyfriend!
# ag chriost on siol
This sketch superbly sums up every Irish film ever
“Marry me, Patrick.” “But…you’re a Protestant.”
# glendaloughed
Fifty Irish towns squeezed into one conversation about a night on the lash
Was she a bit of a MILFord?
# small talk
Modern Irish small talk sucks, and this sketch proves it
Yeah, sounds about right.
# gaelic flúrt
Finally, an authentic Irish dating service has launched with some decent men
Dying for the chat.
# Rent
This comedy sketch perfectly captures the horrors of renting in Dublin
“Originally a holding cell for illegal immigrants…”
# oh the flashbacks
Foil, Arms & Hog sketch epitomises that life ruining post-festival fear
That moment you realise there’s no baby wipes left. *faints*
# latvian nu-wave
The perfect description of every Irish hipster at a festival, ever
Bands are only cool when nobody knows who they are.
# tannoy boi
Here's what REALLY happens during each Luas stop announcement
It’s a hard life behind that mic.
# madra measures
Irish sketch perfectly sums up the confusion around dog years
SIX FIFTEEN dog central time.
# tough life
Irish lads demonstrate things that should be simple, but really really aren't
We identify with all of these painful, intricate tasks.
# you'll be back
Parody song perfectly sums up the experience of flying Ryanair
Now showing at a gate that couldn’t be further away.
# straight singing
Very Irish Christmas carols feature shifting and shopping in the Square
“Christmas tunes, Christmas tunes, all day and all night…”