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9 food issues that will cause fights at the dinner table

Haven’t we all nearly come to blows over mayonnaise?
May 21st 2013, 6:00 PM 27,645 73

WE ALL DO weird things with our food that other people just can’t accept.

It’s funny – everyone has their gross habits with food, yet no one can forgive other people’s food wrongs.

Some people will wax lyrical about a banana sandwich with ginger pickle, while their friends will be left writhing in disgust.

Food is divisive – here are the idiosyncracies that cause the most strife.

1. Not having food touching

This has caused many a dinnertime argument with our Mammies. Did you force your poor mother to give you your beans on a separate saucer?

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And as an adult, it’s a sheer nightmare queuing up for a hotel cooked breakfast, willing the lady behind the counter not to allow the soggy eggs to touch your hash browns.

2. Ketchup

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Not eating ketchup is incomprehensible to a lot of people. When you tell someone you dislike ketchup, they react with shock and anger – as though you had told them you don’t like sunshine or puppies.

“But not even on chips?” No.

“You put it on burgers, surely?” No.

“Are you a very fussy eater?” No.

And finally, “But what’s wrong with you?”

3. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise – the true divider. One either loves or loathes mayo – there is no middle ground here.

Pick your side.

4. Garlic mayonnaise

There is a special type of denial that allows people who hate mayonnaise to enjoy garlic mayonnaise.

Image: via Eat Fly Love

And anyway, is it truly a mayo or is it a sauce? Who can really say?

5. Vinegar

Some people feel vinegar is the devil’s own acidic work. Others feel that chips are a waste of time without it.

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This can make trips to the chipper an interesting experience.

6. Bean juice

Bean juice: it either inspires revulsion or appetite.

Image: via 365 foods

There are two kinds of people in the world.

The kind of person who enthusiastically mixes beans into their scrambled eggs – and the kind of person who, in the words of Alan Partridge, needs to use sausages as a “breakwater”.

Video: YouTube/Archiers17

7. Onions

Another source of friction in the food/friend world.

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People gape with disbelief as you say you don’t want any onions in the dinner. Dis. Belief.

8. Not liking the food but liking the flavour

Image: via Lovelyish

Love bananas, but hate banana-flavoured things?

Hate onions, but love onion rings?

Love eggs, but hate egg mayo?

People will never understand.

9. People who say they “don’t like the taste of water”

This one we can’t accept.



What weird food causes arguments with your friends?

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