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Hair trends in China just got even stranger

It’s food, for your hair.
Sep 16th 2015, 10:27 AM 3,081 1

LAST WEEK, WE looked at the rise in the hair trend that involves putting little plants on your head so you literally looked like a walking weed.

Well, move over, grass head. There’s a new trend in town.

Fashion moves fast, and so does your desire to look like your head is anything but a head. How about a dinner plate? The Chinese hair fashion must-have is now… plastic food clips. Well, at least if the demand on this taobao shop page is to be believed.

Want an egg in your hair? GO AHEAD

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You’d wanna be NUTS to not want these peanuts

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Want a head full of chicken? Damn right you do

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Sure look, just get the whole plate

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Stunning babes

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* Purchases*

ht Buzzfeed

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