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19 people who are excellently embracing their singledom

Well, ‘excellently’ might be pushing it.
Jul 4th 2014, 9:30 PM 49,801 13

REMEMBER, YOU’RE ALONE in this world, but these people are embracing it. Happy Friday.

1. This woman, who just wanted to be held

Jkak8 Source: Imgur

2. The creator of this friendless Frisbee

lus1C Source: Imgur

3. This kid, who knows he’ll get through this

3WBvh Source: Imgur

4. The female pigeon. You do you, girl

wpmyF Source: Imgur

5. This cosy camper

bqmBcM1 Source: Imgur

6. The patrons of this rural restaurant

RJ8Hx Source: Imgur

7. Everyone who uses this line

Why WOULDN’T you want to use the happy giraffe line?

dbifYGO Source: Imgur

8. The person who owns this frame, filled with nothing but dashed hopes

pMx8v Source: Imgur

9. The sneaky genius who tried this

IB9nC Source: Imgur

10. Whoever purchased this book

SanJ4g6 Source: Imgur

11. Or this one

qn6EkaI Source: Imgur

12. Barbie, who is just hanging with herself for once

rsetmH8 Source: Imgur

13. This online dating singleton who is just about to run out of options

44704_394237090656703_1418176593_n Source: Facebook

14. This dedicated Instagrammer

rtiAK0E Source: Imgur

15. This solo diner

4FmgK Source: Imgur

16. This guy, who reached inbox ‘minus’ zero

6HcFR Source: Imgur

17. Who says going to a theme park alone isn’t fun?

t5RRZ Source: Imgur

18. The poor soul who got this in the fortune cookie

UP3dlHd Source: Imgur

19. This dog who needs no human

7Y4OTh6 Source: Imgur

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