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It's Friday so here's a slideshow of badgers from around the world

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Sep 21st 2012, 2:30 PM 5,714 15

DURING OUR RESEARCH and preparatory work for this week’s slideshow (it’s serious journalistic business, you know), we discovered that the badger has not only been described as the most fearless mammal on the planet, but it can also be called the Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom.

Is there a greater argument for making it the subject of our Friday gallery?

So, ladies and gentlemen, The Daily Edge presents the badger…it may not be that cute, but darn it, it’s hardy.

And if anyone was doubting the claims that the honey badger = Chuck Norris, take three minutes out to watch this extract from The Gods Must Be Crazy 2:

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Sinead O'Carroll


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