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# Friends Forever

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# Friends Forever
These photos of an injured swan 'hugging' its hero are going viral
# bff
There's a way to see who your most popular friends are on WhatsApp
It’s an iPhone exclusive feature though.
# Friends Forever
7 reasons why Linda Martin should make amends with Twink immediately
Keep smiling, keep shining…
# windows 95
Jennifer Aniston learning about Windows 95 is the most 90s thing ever
No one told her and Matthew Perry life was going to be this way.
# forever friends
7 things you did with your friends as a teenager (but probably don't any more)
Unless your friendship is very special, that is.
# Friends Forever
Looks like Ronan O'Gara and Jonny Sexton are besties now
They’ll always have Paris!
# Friends Forever
Why we all need a Turk and JD bromance in our lives
# Friends Forever
11 ways your friends will wreck your head
Keep your friends close, and your head-wrecking friends closer.
# Friends Forever
11 things we still miss about Friends
We still miss everyone at Central Perk and don’t care who knows it.
25 celebrity duos you may not have known were BFFs
From Matt and Ben to Taylor and Emma.
# Friends Forever
Friends forever? Matt LeBlanc says reunion would be "sad"
“What would the story be?”, asks the actor who played Joey. “We all get together and what? Have coffee?”