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# Friends

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# clap clap clap clap
Three Irish lads' tear-jerking version of the Friends theme tune
They’ll be there for you. SOB.
# Oh the disappointment
New Year's Eve: Expectations vs Reality
Because it’s never how you want it to be, is it?
Matt Lucas' tale of Twitter friendship this lunchtime will warm your heart
Ready your cockles!
# ice cold
7 brief moments in your life when you feel like a badass
OK, maybe not as badass as Clint Eastwood. But still.
# home at last
Watch families reunite for Christmas at Dublin Airport
Welcome home, weary travellers.
# survival guide
12 actually helpful tips for surviving the 12 Pubs of Christmas
You’re gonna need them.
# the ultimate prank
Irish lads prank their housemate by building a wall through his room
Watch the video here.
# your round
9 dear friends you DON’T want to go on a night out with
We love you, but please stay at home.
# geller cup
7 sure signs you learned everything about Thanksgiving from Friends
Because we did.
# Gtuít
7 important features an Irish social media site would need
A face blurring feature is a must.
Console seminar to help employers identify warning signs of suicide in their employees
The training programme will also help colleagues cope with the aftermath of suicide in the workplace.
# tissues please
This moving Skype ad will make you cry hot salty tears
Teenagers with only one arm each connect from across the world.
# Twittersphere
15 of the best tweets as Alex Ferguson launches his book
Roy Keane, Rafael Benitez and the TV show Friends are among the topics discussed.
# Interview
Surrey Police transcript shows Jimmy Savile denied abusing young girls
Transcript of 2009 interview revelas that the BBC presenter brushed off and dismissed allegations made against him.
# sponsored by jameson
The 7 best friends to go on a night out with
Like the Seven Dwarves, except with more getting the rounds in.
The deeply annoying things people say to you right after a breakup
They mean well, really.
# Pitter-Patter
5 people who are delighted that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant
The news hasn’t been confirmed yet, but celebrations are in order.
# BFFs
Ronaldo 'welcomes' Bale to Real Madrid with mistimed tackle
Training got a little feisty this morning.
# i'll be there for you
Jennifer Aniston gets ambushed by the Friends theme tune
And loves it.
# world of celebs
Niall Horan got James Corden's face tattooed on his a**e... it's The Dredge
This is devastating. The very best of the day’s celebrity filth.
# how you doin'
13 signs you are Joey Tribbiani at heart
The line is a dot to you!
# BFFs
Research: Why women should stop being frenemies and start being friends
The benefits of female friendship may go back to the days of the cave dwellers.
# pursuit of happiness
13 scientifically proven ways to be a happier person
From setting goals to simply exposing yourself to the colour blue, science says these things will improve your outlook on life.
# Friends
21 of the best minor characters in Friends
Ranking your favourite minor, yet hilarious, characters in Friends.
# chanandler bong
This recreation of the Friends intro is pretty spot on
They’ll be there for you.
# Employment
Government signs agreement to work with Germany on youth employment
Today 20 EU leaders attended a summit on youth employment which Sinn Féin has described as an “election stunt”.
Column: Unable to find work in Ireland, I had no choice but to leave
I was offered a job abroad and even though I had no family or friends there, I had to take it, writes Seanán Ó Coistín.
# paper power
The apartment from Friends is now an amazing paper model
You’ll never look at the show the same way again.
# tv land
Check out the floor plans of your favourite TV homes
From Monica and Rachel’s apartment to Frasier’s Seattle home.
Column: The Ohio kidnappings bring the issue of ‘missing persons’ into sharp focus
About 4,000 people go missing for a time in Ireland each year – and the emotional impact on their loved ones, who live with ongoing uncertainty and questions, is immense. They must be given proper support, writes, Dermot Browne.
# Friends Forever
11 things we still miss about Friends
We still miss everyone at Central Perk and don’t care who knows it.
# adele is swell
13 reasons why we want to be friends with Adele
You will too after reading this. Honestly.
# the final friendtier?
Friends is coming back?
Here’s the dreadful reality of what it might look like.
# Ah here
The most annoying things that happen when you live with someone
Will someone please clean those dishes before I have to write a strongly worded note?
# Love Hate Friends
Video: Have you seen the Love/Hate - Friends mash-up?
It’s all 1995 and stuff…
# Commonwealth
Kenny asked if Ireland will rejoin Commonwealth
The Taoiseach described his visit to London to meet Prime Minister David Cameron as “a symbolic and important day”.
# 6 Nations
No hidden DVD of St Patrick's Day hammering in freezer insists Heaslip
Wait until he reads Little Women.
# Christmas
Meet the people who want no one to eat Christmas dinner alone
Christmas with Friends is a group set up for people who are alone on Christmas day in Kildare. It is one of a number of organisations making sure the day is not a lonely one for people.
Column: 8 ways to stay civil with your ex-partner
It can be a tough time of year if you are newly separated, but it is important to put your children first, while also taking time for yourself, writes Sheila O’Malley.
Column: Christmas is a tough time with depression. Here’s what I’m doing about it.
Garry Williams has never liked Christmas – but this year, he writes, it will be different.