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Frozen fever has hit Copper Face Jacks
No coats? The cold never bothered them anyway.
# Torrents
Wolf of Wall Street tops list of most pirated films of 2014
The film was downloaded 30 million times by torrent users around the world.
# let it go
Dad pulls off the ultimate 'dad joke' with Christmas Frozen doll
Cut the crap, dad.
# Frozen
Careful out there... An overturned truck on the M1, and icy, icy conditions elsewhere
If you’re heading for the M1, anywhere north of Drogheda, SLOW THE FECK DOWN.
# let it go
Teachers surprise kids with delightful flashmob performance of Let It Go
The looks on their faces!
# love is an open door
Tyrone lads perform flawless lip sync rendition of Frozen song
“We finish each others – ” “Sandwiches!”
# seriously letting go
Tralee primary school kids give most passionate Let It Go rendition ever
# let it go
5 senior club footballers sing songs from Frozen because internet
It is Christmas we suppose.
# anda and esla
Caught cold: 20,000 fake Frozen dolls seized in Dublin
They could hardly let THAT go…
# let it go
Frozen director apologises to parents sick and tired of hearing Let It Go
Jennifer Lee understands.
# break the internet
Here's what Ireland searched for on Google in 2014
Some of it is predictable, some of it is baffling.
# Satire
Arsene Wenger and 'Let it Go' from Frozen -- together at last
This excellent parody combines the worlds of the Arsenal manager and the Disney movie.
# Cold as ice
Watch two hikers walk out on an amazingly clear frozen lake
We’re walking in the aaaaaiiiiirrrr…
# Elsa
Children meeting Kate Middleton in New York thought she was Elsa from Frozen
# Frozen
10 signs the world's obsession with Frozen has gone too far
Time to let it go, people.
# totally legit
There's a rather unusual Frozen doll for sale in Meath...
Let it goooo.
# let it gooo
TV3 asked Irish parents to sing for a Frozen doll and the submissions are pretty funny
Mams and dads singing = hilarious.
# please make it stop
This cinema is giving parents earplugs for a Frozen sing-along
Please and thank you.
# Toy Show
Listen to this little girl's special song about the Toy Show
Ryan’s annual dodgy jumper gets a shout out.
# People Power
Watch Russian airline passengers push their frozen plane free from ice
In Russia, planes fly YOU.
# let it go
Frozen dolls to be 'raffled off' as Christmas demand reaches fever pitch
Smyths described the demand as “phenomenal” as dolls are now selling for €180 online.
# let it go
Irish parents queued up in the wee hours for Frozen dolls... and they sold out almost immediately
The toy has sold out all over the country.
# all dressed up
7 pop culture Halloween costumes you should definitely avoid this year
You’re going to see a lot of these come October 31st.
# let it go
Two-year-old from Belfast sees red when her Frozen solo is interrupted
She’s got her dress on and everything.
# Frozen
Irish public warned to beware of rogue Botox practitioners
The warning comes after a woman was fined €6,000 for performing Botox treatments on customers at her salon.
# Frozen
Rachel Wyse did the ice bucket challenge, and Marty Morrissey helped her
Come on Marty, where’s your video?
# cold hearted
Man claims wife asked for divorce because he didn't like Frozen
She said there was something wrong with her husband “as a human being” because he didn’t like the film.
# Frozen
Silent disco inspires massive Let it Go singalong on Galway street
The cold never bothered them anyway.
# best dad ever
Dad and daughter lip-sync the most adorable Disney duet
We’ve melted. Entirely melted.
# iced coffee
This caffeine-fuelled Frozen parody sums up your thoughts this morning
Frozen is here to stay, unlike you, in that library.
# let it gooo
WATCH: Bizarre video of incredibly hard Marines emoting along to Let It Go
It’s moving. Well, it’s actually kind of more weird than moving.
# ok bye
Breaking Bad meets Frozen with brief but hilarious results
He doesn’t want to build a snowman, OK?
# let it go
Parents are losing their minds over sold-out Frozen toys
Sold-out Anna and Elsa dolls are selling for thousands on eBay. Thousands.
# let it go
Lip-syncing Dad steals the show during daughter's rendition of Let It Go
Dad of the year right there.
# let it go
Disney's Frozen gets the blindingly honest trailer treatment
Conceal, don’t feel.
# all the awards
Someone became an EGOT at the Oscars last night... here's what that means
Warning: This post contains some mind-bendingly talented people. Prepare yourselves for an attack of the green-eyed monster.
# Big Kids
14 fantastic kids' films that it's perfectly OK for adults to love
You’re never too old. NEVER.
# let it go
News anchor performs entire snow report in the style of Let It Go from Frozen
# let it go
This woman has gone to extreme lengths to prove Frozen has a 'Gay Agenda'
She’s not concealing her feelings when it comes to the smash hit Disney movie.
# let it go
Comedian sings Let It Go in the uncanny style of famous musical divas
We can’t let Let It Go, go.