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21 animal pictures to make you crease yourself

Gas tickets.
Jan 26th 2014, 6:00 PM 546,463 34

THERE ARE OF course thousand, nay, MILLIONS of gas animal pictures on the internet.

This is just a selection of our favourites…

Hey gals, room for one more?


Dammit Frank


Man versus ostrich

I think my friends picture is the funniest ever - Imgur Source: Imgur

Glen Hansard photobomb

Occupy Dame Street - Dublin Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Sir, no touching the dog, please

sir-no-touching-dog-please-monkey Source: Randomfunnypicture

Nothing, just sitting here

DsyIik6 Source: Imgur

A cow photobombing a horse stuck in a fence

184779 Source: Strangecosmos

RIP bird

RS6Bs Source: Imgur

The possum that broke into a bakery and ate so many pastries he couldn’t move

A possum broke into an Australian bakery and ate so many pastries it couldn't move. This is how they found him. - Imgur Source: Imgur

Such shame

funniest-photos-ever-10 Source: Wordpress


Ferncer_Ferst Source:

Oh, hello

Greatest photobomb ever. - Imgur Source: Imgur

This old classic

zd2bL Source: Imgur


Googled funniest thing on the Internet this was the second picture - Imgur Source: Imgur


n95jS Source: Imgur


tumblr_m919ltd3f11re4ne0o1_1280 Source: Dogshaming

Why so serious?

s1AHIgd Source: Imgur

Hey, Carl…

sgPOhM0 Source: Imgur

Dog selfie

My dog, Vader, wanted to take part in all the selfie madness. - Imgur Source: Imgur

Is that you Phteven?

Phteven I pheeee what you did phere! - Imgur Source: Imgur

Turns out Phteven is quite the dapper fellow - Imgur Source: Imgur

Got any favourites? Share them with us in the comment section…

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