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# funny cat video

All time
# cat slap
Here is definitive proof that cats are jerks
Well, this cat is, anyway.
# like humans do
Cats sitting like humans are just too creepy for words
# toothless
Cat gets its teeth brushed, has a major revelation about life
The power of oral hygiene.
# jump up to get down
Cat makes a right mess of jumping up on the bed
White cats can’t jump.
# ping pong
Oh nothing, just a cat playing ping pong with its human
And it’s pretty serious about it.
# cat trap
It's almost too easy to catch a cat....
All you need is a laser pointer, a box, and a pencil.
# surprise
Watch this curious cat get an awful fright from a plastic bag
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? This cat does.
# cat curling
This kitten absolutely loves being slid across the floor by his human
It’s like curling. Except with a cat!
# i'll be your mirror
Dramatic cat spots itself in the mirror for the first time
“Who is that handsome animal?”
# scaredy cats
Just a load of cats, getting bad frights from moving carpets
Because it’s Thursday, and you might need a laugh.
# turn down for what
These kittens are suspiciously good at dancing
# all fall down
This cat is probably better at Jenga than you are
And it doesn’t even have THUMBS.
# spring-loaded
You've never seen a cat jump quite like this
Its legs are secretly springs.
# cats can't jump
Cat makes a right mess of jumping on to the fridge
Not even close.
# Sticky Situation
Watch this cat lose a dramatic stand off with some sellotape
‘Stick ‘em up!’ Literally.
# lemme at them
Determined cat desperately wants to catch these Olympic lugers...
…Only problem is, they’re on TV.
# kitten tv
Cat can't understand where TV kittens went to
We can’t. We can’t even.
# he'll jump on you caroline
What unspeakable horrors has this cat seen?
You don’t know man, you weren’t there.
# give peas a chance
Cat versus bowl of peas... with musical accompaniment
Oh cats. You give us so many LOLs.
# cat in a box
Fat cat sinks slowly and hilariously into a box
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
# Cats
7 cats who are being arses on purpose
Some cats just want to watch the world burn.
# Work Can Wait
Take a break and watch this video of Cat versus Baby Sock
Is there anything better than cats getting into scrapes?
# basket case
VIDEO: This cat wants to wash your pants for you
What’s that lurking in the laundry basket?
# I like to meoiwve it
Cat DJ-ing, and bloody loving it
You can call him Lee Scratch Pussy .
# citizen cat
Casablanca, Twilight, The Shining… starring cats
Alright Mr DeMilk, I’m ready for my close up.