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Watch this extremely guilty dog try to avoid an awkward situation
Niko the French bulldog doesn’t like conflict, evidently.
This little girl had some hilarious words of encouragement for her dog
The best little cheerleader there ever was.
Lazy dog doesn't want to play, tricks puppy into chasing itself around in circles
A dog after our own hearts.
We think we've found the guiltiest dog of all time
He definitely, definitely did it.
Unlike you, this French bulldog absolutely loves being tickled
He must be the only being in the world that does.
Overexcited dog knocks down kid in quest to pop bubbles
Massive Great Dane tries its very best to fit in tiny doggy bed
Big dog syndrome.
Labrador hilariously tail-slaps small dog in the face, repeatedly
The little dog’s FACE.
This dog stepped on a sticky mousetrap, and he's incredibly ashamed about it
“Master. I have failed you.”
Dogs trying on booties for the first time is pure comedy
Shoes are just a totally foreign concept to them.
Flo-Rida loving dog shows off his exceptional talent for ear-dancing
Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur (with the FUR)…
Happiest bulldog in the world has the time of his life on a swing
Higher! HIGHER!
This dog is NOT in the mood for its owner's silly games
“Get OUT of my face.”
This dog ate all the cheese, and is consumed with guilt
Its owner is pretty cheesed off. (Sorry.)
Dog throws an actual tantrum when it's time to stop swimming
Nothing comes between Bella and her swim time. Nothing.
Tiny dog breaks her legs, gets on perfectly fine without them
She doesn’t need those front paws, anyway. Well, maybe a little bit.
Every short person will recognise this dog's struggle to reach his tennis ball
This dog loves taking a shower more than anyone else in the world
Yes. This dog actually LIKES getting clean.
Dog sees its reflection in a mirror, has complete meltdown
Dog sees owner for the first time in years, passes out with excitement
It was just too much for its little body to take.
Guilty dog apologises to baby for stealing her toy
Sickeningly cute.
7 animals who really want to watch the World Cup final with you
They’d certainly win the World Cup in ADORABLE.
Watch this dog become thoroughly confused by an egg
“But what is it supposed to BE? What does it DO?”
Somebody let this dog outside immediately
Before he creeps us out even more. Stop that, dog.
Adorable puppy tries his very best to make friends with newborn baby
But his tiny legs thwart him.
Excited dog and deer have a ball racing each other
Little dog is very jealous of the attention the baby is getting
Why would you even care about that baby? It doesn’t have fur.
Guilty dog makes a mess, gets ratted out by friends
No one will ever love anything like this dog loves his bucket
Charcoal’s favourite toy is a red bucket. He REALLY loves his red bucket.
Bulldog realises owner is home, goes crazy with excitement
Calm down there now, doggie. You’ll hurt yourself.
This chihuahua is almost too excited to be going out
Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go?
Fluffy husky DEMANDS that you play with him
You want to relax? Sorry, it’s actually playtime.
This poodle enjoying a go on a swing is the strangest thing you'll see today
Strange, or strangely calming? You decide.
Over-excited dog sees a squirrel, shrieks like a dolphin
He’s basically the dog from Up.
Poor dog driven mad trying to find his biscuits
Someone help him.
Dog finds extremely effective way of letting owner know it's bored
It’s tired, it’s hungry, it just wants to go home.
Bulldog wants to show you his special party trick
It’s probably better than your party piece, in fairness.
This dog bloody loves watching tennis
George getting stuck into the Australian Open.
Saddest dog ever is left out of a birthday party
We can’t.
Who knew dogs hated broccoli so much?
Mortal enemies.