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14 deeply unfortunate foreign words for everyday things

You’re never too old for a childish chuckle.
Mar 18th 2014, 9:30 PM 43,107 62

GETTING BACK TO reality after a glorious three-day weekend can be an absolute pain so if there’s one thing you’re probably in dire need of it’s a bit of a giggle.

Here are 14 deeply unfortunate foreign words for everyday things that will give you a gloriously juvenile laugh.

WARNING: Some may not be suitable for sensitive eyes and ears.

1. The Swedish word for Chef


2. And resulting name for MasterChef Sweden

3. How the Danes describe stretches of road where speed will be monitored


4. The Swedish word for exit

Source: Flickr

5. The French word for seal

Source: Flickr

6. The words Americans choose when offering someone a lift

Source: Shutterstock

7. Germany’s term for a motorway exit

Source: Language101

8. What they call whipped cream in the Netherlands

Source: Historisch Museum Deventer

9. The last stop on a Swedish train or bus line

Source: Daily Picks and Flicks

10. Which also happens to share similarities with the way in which Swedes refer to a sale

Source: Flickr

11.  The name of this old Danish chain of private centres for the hearing impaired

Source: Horecenter Otterup

12. What you’ll need to ask for when looking for a Thai pumpkin

Source: Thai Food Direct

13. The way in which Germans refer to garlic

Source: Flickr

 14. And finally, the American name for this fashion accessory

Source: Flickr

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