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12 hilarious tweets anyone who rents will relate to

Feb 22nd 2016, 5:18 PM 10,400 1

1. The hunt for a flat isโ€ฆ interesting.

2. To say the least.

3. The phrase โ€œyoung professionalโ€ does your head in

4. As do the insane lengths you have to go to just to secure a flat.

โ€œYour firstborn child and a lock of rare unicorn hair, please.โ€

5. โ€œWe need to have a little chat about that depositโ€ฆโ€

6. Once you do move in, the stress of actually looking after a flat becomes too real

7. Trying to figure out whether youโ€™re just stupid or whether you actually need to call the landlord becomes a daily dilemma

8. And hiding from your landlord becomes a regular occurrence

9. Somehow your landlord always picks the most inopportune moments to pop over

10. Turn on the storage heater once and your house will smell like Unidentified Burn for the rest of the evening

11. โ€œThat seems to be working fine.โ€ YOU LIE.

12. After a few years of dealing with storage heating, your dreams become more modestโ€ฆ

We can only live in hope.

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