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#funny video

Baby girl reacts hilariously to tasting pineapple for the first time

IT’S DISGUSTING. Give me more.

Little kid outshines everyone else at wedding with amazing dance move

We dare you to try this next time you’re in da club.

You're definitely going to root for this little ferret taking a leap of faith

Everyone loves an underdog. Or underferret, as the case may be.

Little boy attempts to master the art of whistling, fails adorably

We know the feeling, little one.

Someone's mam tried to describe Inception, and it's glorious

“Matt Damon plays this guy called Cob…”

Woman gets wisdom teeth out, cries because she's not Nicki Minaj

Haven’t we all, at one stage or another, cried because we were not Nicki Minaj? Haven’t we?

This little boy is absolutely devastated that he can't get married yet

“It’ll be eight hundred million billion weeks until I can get married!”

Here's an excruciating video of a girl trying to take the perfect selfie

Taking a selfie can be a long, difficult process. Here’s proof.

Dad shaves off his beard, baby girl has no idea who he is

“Where’s daddy?”

Well-spoken little boy gives out to his mam for being pregnant


Boy caught on camera dancing like nobody's watching, freaks out

Siblings. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Listen to this guy's incredible impression of Shaggy

The best you’ll hear all day. Or maybe ever.

Little boy has extremely melodramatic reaction to taking a plaster off


Toucan shows off in front of a traffic camera in Brazil

Toucan play that game.

This man dancing joyously at a festival is the happiest person in the world

He’s the male version of Longitude girl. And we love him.

This farmer has a very unique way of gathering up his cattle

They love a bit of jazz, it turns out.

Guy plays techno classic Sandstorm on a kids' toy trumpet

And it’s truly brilliant.

Morgan Freeman chats to Jimmy Fallon on helium, remains amazing

He still sounds cool, FYI.

Crutch-wielding grandpa busts it out on the dancefloor

One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock rock…

Baby boy does an excellent impression of his pregnant mother

“Walk like momma.”

Just a load of cats, getting bad frights from moving carpets

Because it’s Thursday, and you might need a laugh.

Girl gets wisdom teeth out, demands to have sex with Ryan Gosling

And other decidedly NSFW ramblings.

Hilarious video shows what would happen if Google was a guy

Google Guy is judging all of us. ALL OF US.

Goat tries to make sense of an inflatable chair, fails

Inflatable chairs make no sense, goat. Accept that.

Somebody let this dog outside immediately

Before he creeps us out even more. Stop that, dog.

Pigeon tries to flirt with girl using mating dance, fails miserably

Humans don’t date birds. Silly pigeon.

You need to watch this guy putting on his trousers without using his hands

An extremely valuable skill, no doubt.

Gutsy chipmunk attacks cat, avoids becoming dinner

The hunter became the hunted.

Someone dubbed WWE commentary over a video of an extremely drunk man

The results are simply excellent.

These kittens are suspiciously good at dancing