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This cat is probably better at Jenga than you are
And it doesn’t even have THUMBS.
Today's Rubik's Cube Google Doodle is a productivity vacuum
We can’t stop playing.
Ever wonder what the Irish gaming industry looks like today? This map will show you
Hands up those who knew Atari had a manufacturing plant in Tipperary during the late 70s/early 80s?
People played Tetris on the side of a huge skyscraper to celebrate its 30th birthday
Yes, Tetris is 30 years old. Wowser.
Someone's made an Irish version of that terribly addictive 2048 game
Why are we playing? We don’t know, but we can’t stop.
The 9 stages everyone who plays 2048 has gone through
The hell. The hell.
Flappy Bird could fly again as creator says he's considering a return
Nguyan Ha Dong said if he does re-release the game, it would include a warning to users to “please take a break.”
Column: What is Fan Fiction – and why is it making people nervous?
It has become an internet sensation over the last decade, but not all is as it seems in the world of Fan Fiction, writes Stephen Downes.
Real life Flappy Bird is just as frustrating as the original
Is there anything a shoebox CAN’T be used for?
Even Apple and Google have had enough of Flappy Bird
Both app stores are stopping app developers from using the word “Flappy” in their title, but numerous clones are still available to download.
People are selling phones with Flappy Bird on them for €1,500
Seriously, €1,500.
The games that will fill that Flappy Bird-shaped hole in your life
Because letting go is the hardest part.
It only took 79 seconds for this guy to beat Bill Gates at chess
He’s the world’s best chess player, and he’s only 23.
Adorable pets play dead after being 'shot' with finger gun
Someone’s been to obedience school.
Candy Crush Saga makers trademark the word "Candy"
The company has approached a number of developers whose apps contain the word “Candy” asking them to remove it or prove it doesn’t infringe upon its trademark.
Watch this scarily accurate parody of every newbie gamer ever
What happens if I press A? Oh. That.
Anger as Xtra-Vision doesn’t honour Xbox pre-orders unless extra game is bought
This requirement was asked of pre-order customers even if they had already paid in full for the new Xbox One console.
9 feelings you'll be familiar with if you play Candy Crush Saga
Joy. Despair. Disgust. They’re all there.
Nintendo visionary Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85
Yamauchi led the company as it created Super Mario Bros, the NES, and Donkey Kong.
Would you push the button on these impossible dilemmas?
Addictive new game poses the question.
Football Manager: The computer game that discovered Lionel Messi
The ever-popular game is set to release its 21st edition.
Famous logos reimagined as Angry Birds
Angry Birds have gone commercial.
Here are all the games you'll be able to play on XBOX One
All pre-orders will come free with a copy of Fifa 14.
Pride and anticipation as transplant athletes head to World Transplant Games
There are 24 Irish athletes taking part in the games this year, which will kick off in Durban, South Africa, on July 28.
Here are the things that made the summers of your childhood magical
Football, jam sandwiches and sand.
5 reasons the new Playstation beats the new Xbox...
… according to the internet
Column: 'I've the best day job in Ireland' says Barretstown CEO
People often think that working with ill children must be upsetting, but it is anything but, says Barretstown’s Dee Ahearn, who writes about how Barretstown helps children and families enjoy life again and why we all need to help ensure that work continues.
12 games consoles that made your Christmas mornings a dream*
*If you were lucky.
Xbox's new console... why does everyone hate it already?
Let’s play Devil’s advocate for a while, shall we?
9 things that ALWAYS happened on a family weekend away
You’d be off to the amusements right after you’d listened to your favourite tape on the way down.
Which one of these retro games consoles did you covet?
Playstation 4? Pah. These are the ones we wanted to get our hands on…
These were THE video games of 2012
Lou Kesten of Associated Press picks the games that made the biggest impact on gamers in 2012.
Late shoppers may be penalised as stores run low on toys and tablets
This is not a drill. Furbys are heading towards extinction and iPad Minis are all sold out.
PLAY: Recession Ireland Monopoly with
It’s, er, unofficial…
No porn and no games: Computer usage rules for TDs and Senators
No social networking for some people working at Leinster House in addition to the installation of picture scanning software which looks for ‘inappropriate content’ usually indicated by ‘certain flesh tones’.
Poll: Are you now more likely to watch the Paralympics?
The London 2012 Olympics have been haired as one of the most successful Games in modern history – but are you going to watch the Paralympics when it kicks off?
In pictures: London 2012, Day 14
Mullingar got a day in the Olympic sun and there were some low-blows in the taekwondo.
Olympic Village: Day Eight, wrap
Annalise Murphy and Paddy Barnes keep the medal dreams alive while Phelps snatches his 22nd.
London 2012 Olympics, day six
Check in on what unfolded on another action-packed day at the Games.
'She's devastated' but Grainne Murphy will be back, insists coach
The Wexford woman pulled the plug on her Olympic pool dream yesterday because of ill health.