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# Geordie Shore

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# Shoreception
There's a Jersey Shore/Geordie Shore cast meetup currently happening in London
Pauly D, Snooki and JWoww are over in London to promote Jersey Shore:Family Reunion.
# mortal
Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson called out a restaurant for turning her away for wearing a tracksuit
And now we have a dress code debate on our hands.
# Reality TV
7 TV shows to fill the Love Island-shaped hole in your life
Well 9pm will never be the same again.
# Geordie Shore
Here's why everyone is praising a Geordie Shore star for responding to criticism about her weight
She has described the comments on her weight as “straight up bullying”.
# just tattoo of us
This new MTV show has people giving 'revenge tattoos' to each other and it's horrific
Someone got Donald Trump on their arse. SMDH.
# celeb bb
This Celeb Big Brother contestant hasn't got the best opinion of Limerick girls...
Oh Scotty T you chancer.
# tallashornia
UTV Ireland: No, we're NOT combining Tallafornia and Geordie Shore for a super-reality-show
# why aye man
5 reasons why Geordie Shore should be your guilty pleasure
This article contains strong language and sexual references from the outset and throughout.
# costa del cork
So, what's Corcaigh Shore all about?
GTL – Gym, Tesco, Langers.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: The Kimye baby has a DIFFERENT name...
Apparently it’s not Kaidence. That and all the rest of the day’s celebrity filth in today’s Dredge.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Posh and Becks are faking their accents
Apparently LA made them sound even posher. Check out all of the day’s celebrity dirt…
# The Valleys
Is The Valleys the worst reality show ever?
Yes, probably.
# Alcohol
Students focus on side of drink culture 'neglected by reality TV' says its competition looks at the aspects of home drinking which are glossed over on shows like the Geordie Shore and Tallafornia.
# Chin Wag
Celeb gossip and deaths get Irish people ‘googling’
The Irish show their love of all things juicy and sporty but the Eurovision gets a spot too (of course).