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We tracked the progress of these Young Scientist projects - here's how they got on
More than 4,200 students entered the competition this year.
# social cleansing
Popularity on Facebook could be key to targeted flu vaccinations - study
A new study has concluded that people who are central in their digital networks are also central in their real-life human networks.
# germs
Havoc caused by STIs - not true love - is what makes humans mate for life
That’s according to a study which argues that falling population numbers forced a rethink of sexual behaviours.
# mutant bacteria
'Urgent response' needed to tackle drug-resistant germs in Ireland's food chain
Drug resistant bacteria is recognised worldwide as one of the biggest potential threats to human health
# Immunity
Have a new kid? 'Take them on public transport and roll them around on the floor'
That’s what one geneticist thinks.
# Ugh
A long list of everyday items that are dirtier than your toilet seat
# Toilet Humour
Does hovering over a public toilet actually make a difference?
What about a tissue throne?
# floor food
Relax everyone, scientists have proved the 'five second rule' is real
Floor-food for everyone!
# Yuck
Who's got the dirtiest desk?
Lawyers and accountants have the dirtiest desks, according to a new survey. How dirty is yours?