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WATCH: Ghost caught on camera robbing an off-licence

This shocking footage will spook you out.

Source: THISISZION42303

IF YOU’VE EVER had any doubts that ghosts exists, here’s your proof.

This spiritual being caught roaming a liquor store in Alabama is the most realistic we’ve seen yet.

If you watch the shocking footage really carefully, you can clearly see the outline of the otherworldly entity as it floats through the store. The specter didn’t steal any alcohol, as ghosts can’t drink liquids.

However, a non-believer customer told WMBF News that the whole incident was “probably a practical joke” and that the suspect was “probably high”.

He did go on to say that the man–sorry, ghost–could face charges despite not stealing anything.

There was an attempted burglary in South Gadsden at a bar. It’s probably the same suspect. He was wearing the same attire.


h/t to Gawker

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