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Shades of 2007 World Cup, says Shane Horgan as Ireland continue to struggle
‘Everything seemed to be fine, then a couple of things went wrong and we just couldn’t right it again.’
The woman who has sex with ghosts returned to This Morning to announce that she joined the mile high club
With her ghost boyfriend of six months, obviously.
The story of a Drogheda woman who married the 'ghost of a 300-year-old pirate' is going global
Finally, some happy news.
'Ghosts' drive Brazil's president from residence
Marcela Temer brought in a priest to attempt to drive out any evil spirits, but to no avail.
Sweden's Queen says there are 'friendly ghosts' in the royal palace
Queen Silvia says she doesn’t get scared by the ghosts.
The strange case of the teenage sisters and the Enfield Haunting
A new Sky Living series looks at the phenomenon.
No one on Tinder into UFOs or ghosts? Try this supernatural dating website
Vampires, zombies and candy floss ‒ Kids have some great Halloween costumes this year
Scary, mad and just down right cute…
Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe this man can make you
Steve Parsons, renowned para-scientist, will be leading a ghost hunt through Wexford’s Enniscorthy Castle this evening.
Here's the actual story behind the 'black-eyed ghost children'
Is there a plague of malevolent spirits upon us? Or is it all… just a bit silly?
News crew attacked by ghosts while filming terrifying report on haunted house
Spooky scary.
Three American friends 'possessed' while playing with an Ouija board
The three were taken to hospital after they began thrashing around and growling while playing with the board.
A ghosthunter picks his favourite spooky places in Ireland
Irish Ghost Hunters investigate where most of us would fear to tread…
WATCH: Ghost caught on camera robbing an off-licence
This shocking footage will spook you out.
Psychic mediums to 'take away mystery of spirituality' at Cork event
The 13th World Ghost Convention is taking place later this month in the city’s gaol.
Ghost Singles is the best online matchmaker for the dearly departed
For those who have passed away, but not gone away.
Search for Enda's grandad's ghost at Co Clare Lighthouse?
A paranormal team is checking out Loop Head Lighthouse this week, where the Taoiseach’s grandfather was a keeper in the 1930s.
Column: When the economy’s struggling, horror movies do well
Scary movies succeed in a recession – because they reflect what is scaring us now, writes Darren Mooney.
Take a tour of Ireland's most haunted spots...
Wondering how to frighten the living daylights out of yourself for the rest of the weekend? Check out these scary tours and spooky spots.
Teenagers claim to photograph ghost in Kilkenny Castle
Is this weird bright light a sign of paranormal life in the south-east?