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Student uses Photoshop to fake entire trip to Asia on Facebook

It’s almost as good as actually going.
Sep 11th 2014, 11:54 AM 6,750 2

HOW OFTEN HAVE you checked in to a fake place on Facebook, just to mislead your followers. Or, ever been tempted to post a photo like this?

7af Source: Photobucket

Well, Dutch student Zilla van den Born took Facebook faking to the next level, posting updates from a five-week trip to Southeast Asia, complete with photos of her exciting adventures for all her followers to fawn over.

The only problem though, they were all photoshopped, and Zilla was taking photos in a pool, not snorkelling in the idyllic beaches she appeared to be in.

Source: Zilla van den Born/Vimeo

Zilla, from Amsterdam, spent five weeks photoshopping herself into tourist photos and manipulating her own.

The student went to a lot of trouble to keep up the charade, ‘posing’ with groups of new foreign friends

32fcd6269e50b34abe81a9cf274e0c0e36e22813 Source: Zilla van der Born

f9420024342d961e5b578a890fad8aa39eb484cf Source: Zilla van der Born

She even redecorated the room so family and friends would think it was a hotel room when she Skyped them in Amsterdam, even though she was just around the corner


Zilla let her boyfriend in on the ruse, but fooled everyone else in an attempt to highlight the filters and manipulation of the online world, and the image we give of ourselves on social media that isn’t reflective of real life.

Here’s how her friends and family reacted to the revelation.

Source: Zilla van den Born/Vimeo

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