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Daughter forced to publicly hold sign as punishment for twerking

Her mammy wasn’t impressed.
Sep 11th 2013, 1:43 PM 5,402 2

WHEN IT COMES to twerking, some parents are putting their foot down.

They don’t care if ‘Miley did it’, when you’re given explicit instructions not to twerk at your school dance, you’d better not.

11-year-old Jamie Hena from California went ahead and decided to twerk anyway, and now look what happened.

Her friend told her mammy.

As punishment, Jamie’s mother Francis made the tween stand at a busy intersection with this sign:

I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance


Hena, speaking to ABC news, said that it is

ridiculous to even think that’s okay at a school dance. When she’s 18, she can do whatever she wants. As of right now, that’s not something she’s going to be doing.

She understands that her creative punishment could rub some up the wrong way, adding that

I think this is embarrassing, I do. But I’m embarrassed for having her twerk at a school dance. She’s just a child, she can’t do that, she just can’t.

So now.

Source: 23ABCnews

We see you covering your face Jamie…


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