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Your PRSI gets you a free scale and polish and 300,000 availed of it so far this year
Half a million claims for dental scale and polish, free glasses and hearing aids have been made.
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“I need my eyes testing” may seem a strange thing for the PDC winner to say, but Gary Anderson is pondering wearing glasses.
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Well, this is the sweetest thing you'll see today
Take a moment to appreciate the cuteness.
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Having a few pints tonight? You might want to bear this in mind...
New research from the UK says your drinking speed can be affected by the type of glass your drink out of.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Google Glass (but were afraid to ask)
The device has attracted much attention and criticism since it was first revealed, but what is it really like to use?
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Got bad eyesight? We sympathise.
Mum creates heartwarming Facebook page to support son who wears glasses
The page attracted an influx of support for the young boy who was upset he needed glasses.
How Google Glasses might change photography for good
The quality might not yet be able to replicate great photography – and it solves some practical challenges of taking a good pic.
Are you pouring yourself way too much wine?
New research has found that white wine drinkers are more generous with the pouring.
Is this the end? British PM David Cameron debuts his glasses
It’s seen as a big deal in Britain.
QUIZ: Are you a closet hipster?
Find out once and for all!
Opticians launch campaign for improved eyecare for teens
Opticians are offering free eye exams to all children between the age of 12 and 16 for the month of March.
Padraig Harrington's putting will get better now that he has a new pair of glasses
“I could have been sowing potatoes after a while in the divots I was taking.” Hmmm…
9 things people in Ireland just can't stop stealing
From beer glasses in Dublin to pieces of history in Connemara, there are sticky fingers all over the country.
Google glasses take a dive
Google tested its new eye wear with a skydive, streaming live video during the jump.
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Google’s latest invention is the subject of some talk… and some jokes…
These are Google’s new augmented reality glasses – but what can they do?
The internet giant has unveiled one of its most radical technologies yet: wearable computing.
Captain of Costa Concordia 'wasn't wearing his glasses'
Francesco Schettino also ordered officers to lie to coastguards after the accident, an inquiry has been told.
Google glasses will send info to your eyeballs - reports
Time to ditch your smartphone? The high-tech specs will display graphics directly in front of your eyes – and they’re said to be coming this year.
The burning question*: Do you store cups upside down or not?
This and every Monday, let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)