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Before Normal People: A brief history of Irish TV sex controversies
Introducing The Tube: We’ll be taking a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of Ireland’s TV past every Wednesday evening.
Dónall Farmer - who played Fr Tim Devereux on Glenroe - dies aged 81
Dónall is survived by his wife Eileen and children Orla, Catherine and Dónall.
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10 Truly Distressing Symptoms Of Sunday Fear
Just leave us here to perish.
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This lad was spotted wearing a Glenroe tshirt at the World Snooker Championships
The true winner of the championship.
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Irish kids watched Bosco and The Den and were hilariously unimpressed
“IT’S A CREEPY DOLL!” It’s Bosco. Respect your elders.
One of Glenroe's friendliest faces, Robert Carrickford, has died aged 88
Carrickford played Stephen Brennan in the RTÉ drama.
Wesley Burrowes, the man behind Glenroe, has died
He was 85.
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Glenroe had every Irish person panicking about their homework last night
*Glenroe theme music starts* I HAVEN’T DONE MY GEOGRAPHY!
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Glenroe had every Irish person panicking about their homework last night
*Glenroe theme music starts* I HAVEN’T DONE MY GEOGRAPHY!
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What to watch on TV tonight: Sunday
Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline this evening
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8 school tours that could only have happened in Ireland
“I can still smell the place”
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QUIZ: Who said it... Glenroe or Fifty Shades of Grey?
Family farm or room of pain?
Glenroe actress Eileen Colgan passes away
She was best known for her roles as Esther Roche in Fair City and Mynah in Glenroe.
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Colin Farrell grew up watching Glenroe just like the rest of us
When Biddy met Farreller.
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Which Glenroe character are you?
Are you more of a Teasie or a Fidelma?
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13 things that are giving you the worst Sunday night fear EVER
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Bored? Here's the Christmas episode of Glenroe from 1995
That theme music. Like nostalgia in a bottle.
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11 fictional families we all wanted to be part of
We’ll take the good with the bad.
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14 on-screen duos that need to get back together
From Frasier and Niles to Bunk and McNulty.
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Things you'll ONLY understand if you grew up with Irish TV
Roll it there Roisin!
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What's the greatest episode of Irish television, ever?
The Den? Glenroe? The Family? Hands?
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ALERT! You may be suffering from the Sunday Night Fear
AKA the Back-To-Work Fear. Here’s how to recognise it…
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7 tv spin-offs the Breaking Bad creators could learn from
There’s a show about Saul Goodman in the mix!
Interview: 'I just want to be seen as an actor, not a Traveller actor'
Starring in the new movie, King of the Travellers, Michael Collins says he wanted the film to be realistic of the Travelling community. Here he tells us about being refused from Dublin pubs, not getting roles in movies, and coming up against everyday prejudices.
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7th Heaven, Little House and MT USA - 8 extreme Sunday telly memories
Is your homework done?
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The 10 greatest Irish double-acts of all time
Two heads are better than one, it takes two to tango, twice as nice, double the fun etc etc.
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5 classic Irish TV shows that should be remade in the US
And who we’d cast in them.
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6 vintage Glenroe stars… where are they now?
Where in the World will be on soon. Do you have your homework done?
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WARNING: These things are likely to make you feel old
Eminem is 40 day. That made us feel old. Also, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is 35.
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(Really hard) Irish citizenship test: will you pass?
Do you remember what Biddy and Miley’s daughters were called?
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Glenroe was "an embarrassment" to RTE, says Biddy
“Urban Dublin arts press never had much time for us” says actress Mary McEvoy
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Beloved actor David Kelly dies at 82 after short illness
The beloved actor of stage and screen dies after a short illness in hospital. He was 82.
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Glenroe’s Miley, Mick Lally, passes away at 64
The much loved star of Glenroe and one of Ireland’s best-known actors dies aged 64.