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One in four people in Ireland have low-level exposure to weed killer, research says
Glyphosate is currently being reevaluated for use in the EU with a final decision expected in July.
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Researchers call for Irish families to take part in study of controversial weedkiller
The Austrian government recently banned glyphosate products over fears that it could cause cancer.
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Irish government says it will follow expert guidance after Austria approves ban of controversial weedkiller
Austrian members of parliament earlier this week approved a total ban on glyphosate.
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Dublin City Council to trial alternative to controversial Monsanto weedkiller in parks and on streets
A 2015 study by the World Health Organisation concluded that glyphosate was “probably carcinogenic” to humans.
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'A reality check for science': Controversial weedkiller gets five-year licence extension from the EU
Germany dropped its opposition to the pesticide, introduced in 1974 by US agro-giant Monsanto as Roundup.
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'Prove to us it's safe': The Irish row over a controversial weedkiller is rumbling on
“The rule is prove to us that it’s safe – and that hasn’t been done.”
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Should we be worried that this controversial weedkiller will be used for seven more years?
European Parliament voted yesterday to extend the use of glyphosate.