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# Going Viral

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# Going Viral
The story behind the fan Twitter vote 'to decide' a Scottish club goalkeeper's fate
It’s all for a good cause.
# Going Viral
'Organic but organised': How misinformation is spreading in the UK election campaign
A photo of a young boy on a hospital floor and a punch-that-wasn’t have shaped the debate ahead of tomorrow’s election.
# Going Viral
Humans of New York has launched its own series that streams for free on Facebook
The phenomenally successful Facebook page has over 18 million followers.
# happy families
The family at the centre of THAT viral interview are back for another one
The kids steal the show once more.
# Going Viral
'Hearsay on social media' being blamed for falling vaccine rates
A Trinity professor says such fear mongering presents a risk to the wider public.
# my precious
A great grandmother has accidentally been praying to a Lord of the Rings figurine
She’s now an internet sensation.
# daily digest
Here's What's Going Viral Right Now: Tuesday
It’s tea break time.
# Going Viral
Brazil to launch anti-Zika app for this year's Olympics in Rio
The country has registered 1.5 million cases of the virus since detecting the outbreak last year.
# bread roll
This photo of bread is going viral for the sweetest reason
Proof that the internet isn’t such a bad place.
# Going Viral
Enda is the latest to star in a marriage referendum video...
But who’s winning the viral video contest?
# Going Viral
The 'Official' Crumlin Shopping Centre Facebook page is absolutely glorious
Parody social media work at its finest.
# Going Viral
Tottenham blame 'security breach' for tweet mocking Liverpool's title failure
Spurs have apologised for the ‘brutal but funny’ video posted to their account.
# Going Viral
Stephen Fry joins Panti's supporters by tweeting video to 6.5 million followers
Panti’s Noble Call has now been viewed more than 200,000 times.
# Going Viral
How Cleveland kidnap hero Charles Ramsey became an internet sensation
He was just eating his McDonald’s and then suddenly he was all over the internet…
# Going Viral
How an embarrassing photo of a Tallafornia star went global
It’s the exact opposite of what Phil Penny wanted to happen.
# Going Viral
The YouTube Top 10: AJ McCarron may just have a love rival
Also featuring Gangnam Style, which apparently isn’t getting old yet.
# Going Viral
YouTube top 10: Because Phil 'The Power' Taylor can improve your darts game
Also featuring the best table tennis shots of 2012.
# Going Viral
Off the record: 5 sporting stories you may have missed this weekend
Featuring Jessica Ennis snubbing Kate Middleton and the worst Fantasy Football score ever.
# Going Viral
YouTube top 10: because Barcelona under-10s aren't half bad
Also featuring Connacht at their very best, Caroline Wozniacki imitating Serena Williams and possibly the worst penalty you’ve ever seen
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: Because Lebron's son is also very good at basketball
Look out for an unbelievable trick shot from the eight-year-old in this week’s edition.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: Because Fernando Torres is an 'Oligarch's plaything'
Also, featuring Novak Djokovic, a cheesy sports advert and commentators reacting to Ibra’s famous goal.
# Going Viral
The YouTube top 10: because Brazilian motorcyclists have a penchant for going down easily
Also featuring Lionel Messi proving he’s human.
# Going Viral
The YouTube top 10: because people really don't like Lance Armstrong
In addition, check out what happened when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made an appearance on Monday Night Football.
# Yootoobe
The YouTube Top 10: because some free-kicks just want to fly
Manchester City’s European misery, the build-up to the new NBA season and some very naughty boys.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because you can never write off the Swedes
Also featuring, Simon Zebo, Lance Armstrong and Shane Lowry hitting the best shot you’ll see for quite some time.
# Going Viral
The YouTube Top 10: because Andy Reid is still pretty good at football
Also featuring Luis Suarez, the RaboDirect PRO 12 Tries of the Month and CM Punk.
# Going Viral
YouTube top 10: because Mexican football legends can be really, really odd sometimes
Featuring Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Tiger Woods and Walter Walsh.
# Going Viral
The YouTube Top 10: Because Ryle Nugent impressions are even better than the real thing
Also featuring a hilarious parody mocking the NFL refs.
# Going Viral
YouTube top 10: because goalkeeping howlers are funny
Also featuring Jonathan Sexton, Thierry Henry and two Mayo fans’ Iwo Jima moment.
# Going Viral
The YouTube Top 10: Because Joe and Henry are too cool for school
An incredible table-tennis shot, an NFL star on the comeback trail and memories of Mainz.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because everybody loves an end-to-end game
Another Batman trailer doctored, tight semi-finals, revelling in a Major win and a bucket-load of goals.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because Cristiano Ronaldo and co can't stop scoring
Featuring Man United versus Barcelona, Katie Taylor at 15 and a tribute to Timmy McCarthy of basketball commentary fame.
# Going Viral
YouTube top 10: because Boris Johnson thinks 'something nasty is going to happen to you'
Also featuring WWE and Rory McIlroy’s golf ball hitting a fan.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because Thomas Vermaelen can imitate a Shaolin Kung Fu warrior if he wants
N.B. The above reference is not a joke.
# Going Viral
The YouTube Top 10: Because tiki-taka can be fun
Keep ball, hanging around in a train yard, Donie Shine and our feud with David Letterman.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because eating 53 chicken wings in 3 minutes is feasible
Iker Casillas, Tomas O’Connor and an ex-competitive eater all feature in this week’s countdown.
# Going Viral
YouTube top 10: because Glentoran’s Leon Knight is officially mental
Sergio Garcia, a crazy baseball coach and ‘Arry also feature in this week’s countdown.
# Going Viral
YouTube top 10: because this is what happens when Gordon Ramsay tries to play football
Also featuring a positive contribution from Paul McShane, and probably the best game-saving catch you’ll ever see.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because Paul McShane can't be that bad, can he?
Plus, Katie Taylor wins the World Championship, Leinster fans dance embarrassingly and one Roy Keane’s most infamous interviews is revisited.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because Tom Watson shows the kids how to do it
The grand old golfing master shows up ‘Poults’ and ‘GMac’ while Novak Djokvic practices his backhand for Stallone’s new movie.