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# good will hunting

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# good will hunting
Take a break and watch Ben Affleck smuggle Matt Damon onto a chat show
Jimmy Kimmel was not in the mood to end his feud with Damon.
# essential reading
Brendan Rodgers is Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting and all the week’s best sportswriting
Plus, an insightful look at Romanian rugby and why bridge is not a sport.
Remembering Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)
Genie, you’re free.
'I still want to see some ID': Robin Williams jokes with Damon and Affleck in Oscar speech
He also thanks his father for telling him to be an actor first – and a welder second.
# Matt Damon
7 solid pieces of life advice from Matt Damon's Reddit AMA
Matt really took his Ask Me Anything quite seriously.
# Boston Regal
Happy Birthday Fenway! Boston stadium celebrates 100 years as home to Red Sox
One of the most famous grounds in the baseball kingdom marks a century by hosting the New York Yankees
# good will hunting
Be my Valentine: Red Sox look to 'a new voice' for new manager
Blunt, cocky and sometimes controversial, Valentine is quite a departure from quiet man Terry Francona.