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# Your Say
Poll: Will you watch the Great British Bake Off final tonight?
On your marks… get set… bake.
# gbbo
Great British Bake Off contestants created 'bubble' in a hotel for six weeks to record this year's series
The annual baking competition returned to TV screens last night.
# Time Is Up
Sandi Toksvig is leaving the Great British Bake Off
“As my waistline will testify, Bake Off is an all-consuming show,” she wrote in a humorous, heartfelt statement.
# Mental health awareness
'I was terrified of my own voice:' GBBO's Kim-Joy on life with severe social anxiety
‘I feared rejection so much.’
# biscuit selfies
The biscuit selfies were the real highlight of last night's Great British Bake Off
We’re sure there’s plenty more where that came from.
# SoggyBottoms
Great British Bake-Off is landing on Netflix this weekend, and we are set to binge
It’s all we need and more.
# bravo sophie
Prue Leith told the heartbreaking story behind *that* Great British Bake Off spoiler tweet
She’s not giving herself a break on it.
# fielding fondle
11 times Noel Fielding was the best part of the new Bake Off
Some spoilers here if you haven’t watched the latest episode.
# great british bake off
Paul Hollywood 'absolutely devastated' after a photograph emerges of him in Nazi uniform
The Great British Bake Off star issued a statement this afternoon.
# taking the biscuit
People were quick to point out that this GBBO contestant's map of Britain included Ireland
Ah yes.
# go with the flo
Flo is already the queen of the new series of GBBO
Cool as a cucumber. Or should that be watermelon?
# gbbo
20 tweets that sum up people's reaction to the new Great British Bake Off
It wasn’t that bad, was it?
# gbbo
There could be no more 'soggy bottom' jokes on the new Great British Bake-Off
Honestly, what’s the point?
# baileys from a shoe
Surprise, Mighty Boosh fans - Noel Fielding is the new host of the Great British Bake Off
Vince Noir will be saying “Ready, set, BAAAAKE!” Did you ever think you’d see the day?
# buttah
Rachel Allen could be in the running to judge Channel 4's Great British Bake Off
The chef was seen ‘laughing and joking’ at a test shoot for the show in London. Oooh.
# farewell to soggy bottoms
GBBO fans are mourning the end of their favourite show as they know it
It’s coming back on Channel 4 – but without Mary Berry, Mel or Sue.
# bye bye gbbo
Emotions are high as people mourn the end of GBBO as we know it
Spoilers within so quit your yappin’.
# gbbo
This café in Dublin bakes and serves the GBBO technical challenge every week
Here’s how you can eat em.
# marzi-pain
Tudor Week spelled disaster for a wondrous GBBO friendship, and people are devastated
We weren’t ready. :( Spoilers for the latest episode!
# Come Dine With Me
Selasi from GBBO hosts weekly viewing parties for his pals, and the food is mouthwatering
Just one more reason to love him.
# hipster please
Nobody could deal with this 'hipster picnic' on GBBO last night
Spoilers within.
# born lippy
Candice wasn't wearing her signature lipstick on GBBO last night and no one could cope
Just stop the world and let us off.
# great british snake off
GBBO's Ruby Tandoh absolutely slaughtered Paul Hollywood on Twitter this afternoon
No love lost there, so.
# gbbo
Farewell To Soggy Bottoms: Mary Berry is refusing to follow the Bake-Off to Channel 4
Berry said she was staying with the BBC out of “loyalty”, but her fellow judge Paul Hollywood is following the dough to Channel 4.
# bye bye berry
11 times Mary Berry proved she was the boss bitch of GBBO
Mary Berry has announced she won’t be following the show to Channel 4.
# gbbo
A soggy bakewell spelled disaster on tonight's GBBO
# baaaaake
11 times Mel and Sue proved they are the queens of GBBO
How will we go on without them?
# oh selasi
The thirst for Selasi off GBBO is now officially out of control
He’s so calm, cool and collected. How Selasi? Teach us your ways.
# Carpet
Tonight's GBBO was officially the filthiest, most innuendo-laden episode yet
Sexual references pre-watershed! The BBC has gone STONE MAD.
The future of Irish TV? Home-grown versions of British reality shows
Marketing expert Dave Winterlich looks at why some reality shows succeed and others flop.
# cakercise
Val the Cake Whisperer was the hero of the first episode of GBBO
The Star Baker of our hearts (but sadly, not the episode).
# dry ganache
12 tweets that summed up everyone's thoughts on this week's GBBO
*says ganache 70 million times*
# great british phwoar off
The internet's thirst for GBBO's Nadiya's husband is out of control
Helllooooo Abdal.
# gbbo
People are not impressed with this 'racist' Daily Mail article about GBBO
The finalists are only the finalists because of some big PC conspiracy, apparently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
# paul hollywood name
Here's how you get your Paul Hollywood name
Watch and learn.
# gbbo
7 reasons why Nadiya MUST win the Great British Bake Off
Here be SPOILERS from last night’s episode, in case you haven’t caught up yet.
# gbbo
The cream horn challenge took the Great British Bake Off to new heights of innuendo
Ah here.
# diet cake
The Great British Bake Off was a gluten-free travesty last night
That goes against everything GBBO stands for!
# get better soon
Sue Perkins reveals she has had a brain tumour for eight years
But she’s doing OK.
# gbbo
This lion made out of bread was the hero of the Great British Bake Off last night
But he will haunt our dreams.