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The company behind Grand Theft Auto is suing the BBC
Rockstar Games say it’s taking action against the BBC for trademark infringement.
Opinion: A game that lets you murder prostitutes? It's creepy, offensive and infuriating
Can we say with 100% certainty that such graphic depictions of sex and violence won’t influence attitudes toward women a teeny tiny bit?
Opinion: 'Virtual rape' in video game takes gaming violence to a whole new level
Some Grand Theft Auto players have started to act out “virtual rape” on avatars controlled by other people by modifying the game’s code.
Lindsay Lohan suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto V
She says they used her likeness without her permission.
Primary school asks parents not to get their kids Grand Theft Auto for Christmas
The games have a negative impact on children’s “language and concentration levels”, says principal.
Gaming granny goes on a rant about British Gas while playing GTA V
That’s one way to get out your frustration!
11 ways to get your sporting fix from Grand Theft Auto
All in the game, yo.
An Australian shop gave away fake cocaine at its GTA V launch
Reeeeal cool, guys.
Why is there so much fuss about Grand Theft Auto V or 'GTA V'?
Fans around the world are going crazy for the latest edition of the game.
Check out the queues for GTA V last night
People were really excited about it.