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The guide to going to sleep

Let us soothe you into a magnificent sleep this Thursday night.
Apr 11th 2013, 10:30 PM 18,090 29

HERE WE ARE, at the end of another busy day.  For most of you, work is done, children are in bed, and it’s time for you to sleep.

However, sometimes sleeping is harder than it looks, and we know that there’s nothing worse than when you want to be like this:

But instead you feel like this:

So this evening we have taken it upon ourselves to soothe you to sleep with the help of the internet.

First of all, listen to this:


While watching this:


Or perhaps this


While watching this

Think about some happy memories…

Focus on your breathing

And reflect on some of your favourite dreams…


Surrender to the relaxation

And drift off to sleep


If all else fails, count these sheep


Good night from!

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