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This guy posted a photo of his wife's period outfit on Reddit and 'woke up to a s**t storm'

Sounds about right to us.
Jan 28th 2016, 8:20 PM 12,012 2

AS ALL WOMEN know, the arrival of your period gives you licence to wear whatever the hell you want. Fat man pants, onesies, slipper socks — anything to relieve the discomfort and assuage the tidal wave of pain.

One gentleman decided it was time to shed a light on period clothing and shared the following photo of his wife on Reddit.

He wrote, “This is my wife’s ‘don’t f**king touch me I’m on my period outfit’” and shared the following image.

RBFWoJI Source: Imgur

The photo has since been viewed over 2.1 million times. In the rather entertaining comment thread that followed, other women confirmed that they, too, have their own period outfits. (And period knickers, obvs.)

thre Source: Imgur

The general consensus, though? Posting a photo of your wife in her period clothes on the internet isn’t the most romantic gesture.

wife Source: Imgur

Posting about your wife’s period, with a photo of her, in her pyjamas, on the internet, to tens of thousands of people. She’d love it!

op Source: Imgur

 Please let us know how sleeping on the couch is working for you OP.

ff Source: Imgur

… And you posted a photo of her online. Well, nice knowing you, see you in Hell, be sure to save me a spot!

kill Source: Imgur

 I’d f**king kill you, were I your wife. That’s not cool man.

dead Source: Imgur

OP’s dead by now.

Meanwhile over on Reddit, the man in question confirmed that he had “woken up to a s**t storm”.

ss Source: Reddit

Sounds about right to us.

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