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Happy birthday Britney Spears! Here's why we love you

The Princess of Pop is 32 today.
Dec 2nd 2013, 4:49 PM 3,280 0

TODAY IS POP LEGEND Britney Spears’ 32nd birthday, and we couldn’t be more thankful she’s gotten this far. We were worried about you around 2007, girl.

Dearest Britters – you’ve had your ups and downs, and we’re not sure we’re ready to forgive your dodgy English accent, but you’re still our favourite naughties pop starlet. Here’s why.

You made us feel better about having to wear a school uniform

britney Source: Youtube

Tied shirts, knee-high socks, fluffy pink hair clips – suddenly, our uniforms didn’t seem so uncool.

You can pull off all-denim everything

Britney-Spears-Justin-Timberlake-Red-Carpet Source: iVillage

You could give one hell of a performance back in the day

Source: michaelfan160294

Looking very swish in a suit, when all of a sudden – nude sequinned outfit. Iconic.

You’re a goofball

tumblr_ls4se7B2dU1r3ty02o1_500 Source:

Crossroads is one of the most underrated films of the ’00s

146577.1020.A Source: Moviegoods

OK, that’s a lie. It’s not very good. But we love it because YOU made it.

You have given us so many great reaction gifs

Britney-Spears-Shocked Source: Crushable

What IS that expression? We don’t know. But it says everything we ever need to say.

You’re responsible for some of the best pop songs ever

Source: BritneySpearsVEVO

From Baby One More Time to Toxic to Everytime, your back catalogue is jammed full of amazing tunes.

Happy birthday, Brit Brit! You rock.

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