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# Nostalgia
Yes, this is a Harlem Shake, but it's worth it
Is it February 2013?
# wake me up
8 things we'll be thrilled to leave behind in 2013
So long Miley’s tongue.
# it's all mememe
17 memes that made the internet wonderful in 2013
Memes are the most essential of our shared cultural cornerstones. Obv.
# Don't Try This At Home
Man tries Harlem Shake, falls into bonfire
Memes are dangerous, kids.
# harpic shake
VIDEO: Here's why you shouldn't do the Harlem Shake on the toilet
# harlem shake
Oxford librarian 'sacked' for Harlem Shake video
A group of students are appealing to college officials who they say fired a librarian because she allowed about 30 students to film their version of the global YouTube sensation in the library.
# hookylicious
George Hook does the Harlem Shake... and it cannot be unseen
Are you ready for this jelly?
# Snow Joke
12 things you could do if today was a snow day
Imagine if it snowed so much that this list was totally applicable. Sigh.
# king james
VIDEO: Miami Heat's Harlem Shake shows why everybody loves LeBron now
P.S. The Heat’s dressing room is amazing!
# keep calm
VIDEO: Fulham's Harlem Shake is worth it for Dimitar Berbatov alone
Meanwhile, we’re having a hard time picking out Damien Duff.
# harlem heroes
Our 8 favourite people from the Harlem Shake videos
Walrus, we think we’ll miss you most of all.
# Hurling
Do Croke Park know about this? Liam MacCarthy Cup features in the latest Harlem Shake video
The fíor Gaels in this Kilkenny barber shop got in on the act.
# harlem shake
Bono's daughter makes a Harlem Shake video
Also, is that Buckfast they’re drinking?
# walrus shake
The death of the Harlem Shake in 9 videos
It’s all getting a bit old now BUT there is a walrus.
# Candystripes
VIDEO: Derry City FC take the Harlem Shake to a new low
It includes foul language, a traffic cone, more nudity than necessary and a broken treatment table.
# Con los terroristas
VIDEO: The best Harlem Shake FIFA Edition we've seen yet
Everyone’s at it… Even your favourite computerised footballers.
# Memetastic
Everybody's doing the Harlem Shake...even Irish people
It may have jumped the shark.
# memeology
New meme alert! Here’s how to do the Harlem Shake
You will need (a) a helmet (b) friends and (c) a room.