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Harvey Weinstein has bail increased to $5 million for mishandling electronic ankle monitor
“If you have any further medical issues, the court will not be terribly understanding,” the judge said.
Harvey Weinstein prosecutors call for higher bail, saying he could try to flee the country
The disgraced Hollywood mogul appeared in court for a hearing on his bail conditions today.
'He's a pig': Dublin Murders actress Sarah Greene says Weinstein told her he'd launch her Hollywood career
“My money’s on you. Ima make you a star,” Greene recalled him saying in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.
Women confront Harvey Weinstein as he attends New York actors showcase
Comedian Kelly Bachman referred to an ‘elephant in the room’ during her set.
Ronan Farrow claims NBC didn't want to publish Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct story
The broadcaster has denied not supporting the journalist’s work.
Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to sexual assault charges as trial delayed to next year
Weinstein laughed and said “not really” when he was asked by the judge whether he wanted to go to trial.
Harvey Weinstein reportedly reaches $44 million settlement with alleged victims
Weinstein’s spokesperson declined to comment.
Court dismisses Ashley Judd's sexual harassment claim against Harvey Weinstein
Judd can now pursue defamation claims against the disgraced producer.
Weinstein survivors hit out at Time's Up movement for their promotional video
‘How disappointing and shameful’.
Court refuses Harvey Weinstein's request to dismiss sex assault case
Weinstein could face life in prison if convicted.
Actress Paz de la Huerta sues Harvey Weinstein, alleging rape and campaign of harassment
De la Huerta, 34, alleges Weinstein damaged her career by at least $60 million.
Prosecution admits to new error in Weinstein case
The prosecution said a detective told one of Weinstein’s accusers to delete from her phone anything she wanted to keep private.
One sexual assault charge dismissed against Harvey Weinstein
A New York judge has tossed out a forced act of oral sex lodged by Lucia Evans against Weinstein in 2004.
Rose McGowan claims Democrats protected Harvey Weinstein
“He was their de facto cult leader and their star”.
Actress Mira Sorvino who accused Weinstein of harassment claims another director gagged her with a condom
Mira was 16-years-old at the time.
Weinstein lawyer says emails and witnesses show he's innocent
Weinstein (66) hobbled into the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back.
Harvey Weinstein facing new sex crime charges involving third woman
Weinstein has denied all accusations of nonconsensual sex.
Audiences left 'shell-shocked' at world premiere of Irish play about sexual violence
The stage adaptation of Louise O’Neill’s best-selling book has made its world premiere in the Everyman in Cork.
Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to rape and criminal sex charges
Weinstein’s bail was previously set at $1 million, allowing him to remain free while he awaits trial.
Harvey Weinstein posts $1 million bail as he's charged with rape and sex offences
Eight months ago he was accused of sexual misconduct by a number of women.
Harvey Weinstein is set to hand himself in to the police tomorrow
Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault by more than 100 women, but has not yet been charged with any crime.
Gwyneth Paltrow said that Brad Pitt 'threatened to kill' Harvey Weinstein back in the 90s
She said that she still loves Brad Pitt for what he did.
Cannes Film Festival was a 'hunting ground' for Harvey Weinstein
Yesterday. a young actress lodged a complaint for rape against French film director Luc Besson.
Harvey Weinstein's accusers say blaming his ex-wife Georgina Chapman is "distracting" from the victims
Anna Wintour defended the Marchesa designer in this week’s Vogue.
Georgina Chapman, Harvey Weinstein's ex-wife, breaks her silence: Should her career be saved?
Anna Wintour and Scarlett Johansson think yes
It makes Kate Winslet "uncomfortable" when women wear revealing outfits on the red carpet, but why should it?
Put down your pitchforks for a sec.
Ashley Judd is suing Harvey Weinstein saying he wrecked her career
Judd claims Weinstein was acting in retaliation for her rejecting his sexual advances.
Piers Morgan spoke to Harvey Weinstein and learned that he is expecting to be 'forgiven' by Hollywood
Piers Morgan spent an hour speaking to Harvey Weinstein.
Weinstein's former British assistant slams 'morally lacking' company gag order
Zelda Perkins told a committee of British lawmakers that she felt “defrauded” by the non-disclosures agreement.
Weinstein Company files for bankruptcy and ends all non-disclosure agreements
The company Harvey Weinstein co-founded has faced financial difficulties since sexual assault allegations were made against him.
Weinstein Company to file for bankruptcy after last-ditch survival talks fail
The company Harvey Weinstein co-founded has faced into financial ruin since the allegations were made against him.
Meryl Streep dismissed Harvey Weinstein as 'pathetic' for using her past comments in his legal defense
Weinstein’s lawyers also used comments made by Jennifer Lawrence to defend him.
Gabriel Byrne says #MeToo movement 'hasn't gone far enough'
The actor described Harvey Weinstein as “an absolutely ferocious bully”.
New York state is suing Harvey Weinstein and his former company for failing to protect staff
More than 100 women have accused him of sexual harassment, assault and rape.
Quentin Tarantino has been criticised for defending disgraced director Roman Polanski in a resurfaced clip
Polanski was charged with with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977.
Gardaí receive report of sexual assault accusation against Harvey Weinstein
Met Police confirmed over the weekend that it had received new allegations against Weinstein, one of which took place in Ireland.
Uma Thurman says Harvey Weinstein 'attacked' her multiple times at the start of her career
The actress previously hinted that she too had a story to tell about the producer.
Debate Room: Has #MeToo turned into a witch hunt?
Has the campaign gone too far? We asked two commentators to tell us what they think.
A man was filmed slapping Harvey Weinstein after he declined a selfie at a restaurant
This is the most ridiculous story of 2018.
Actor Catherine Deneuve under fire for signing open letter denouncing #MeToo movement
The letter said that the movement was leading a witch-hunt against men.