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The Iceberger is the best Irish ice cream and there's no two ways about it
No faff, no bells and whistles, just a good ice cream.
# screwballs and 99s
Ireland's oldest ice cream man got a special award for his 'dedication to ice cream'
Go on Mr Ripple!
# screwballs and 99s
Ireland's oldest ice cream man got a special award for his 'dedication to ice cream'
Go on Mr Ripple!
# 99 Problems
It's bonanza time for ice cream sellers, but can they make up for a wet June?
A wet and cold few weeks means most shops are playing catch-up.
# lemonade flavour
Sparkles ice pops were absolutely class and need to be brought back
# live in a swamp
Fat Frogs were the best ice pops ever produced in Ireland and need to be brought back
# brunch
This Cork man's Brunch ice cream complaint struck a chord on Facebook
Bring back Brunch.
# guessing game
Can You Guess How Much These Ice Creams Used to Cost?
Sure you spent all your pocket money on ‘em.
# crumby deal
Here's what's actually happening with the crust on Brunch ice creams
The truth will out.
# ho ho ho
There are now gingerbread Icebergers in time for Christmas
Sweeeeet candy.
# Burn
HB Ice Cream sends tweet dissing the iPhone 6
Introducing the iCeberger 6.
# blow up
Have you seen the bouncy bridge over the canal in Dublin today?
In the words of R Kelly: “Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce.”
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7 seriously silly things Irish people do in the sun
Let’s face it – life is different in the summertime.
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We've found out what Ireland's favourite ice cream is!
Get your gob around this.
# Fat Frog
Is the Fat Frog coming back? Here's everything we know
An important investigation.
# big scoop
Two ice creams are being sold every second in Ireland
Irish people eat more hand-held ice creams per capita that any other European country.
# funny feet
Funny Feet are back on our shelves!
Your childhood has returned.
# sweet memories
Outraged at the price of sweets these days? You're not alone...
Remember when a Chomp was 10p? And penny sweets were a penny?
# Branding
GALLERY: 20 company logos from before they were famous
Some of the brands we think are slick now? Well, they used to be… a lot less slick.
# sally o'brien
"Put a bit of butter on the spuds André": Our favourite Irish ad catchphrases
Will we ever find out who was taking the horse to France? Or how exactly Sally O’Brien might look at you? Revisit some favourite Irish ad catchphrases…
# Hop off
HB's Fat Frog not leaping back - for this year at least
Some disappointing news from HB: the online rumours that the old-school ice pop won’t be returning – yet…