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What can we expect from At Home With the Healy-Raes?

Caps, beashts and bangin’ tunes.
Aug 15th 2013, 5:00 PM 1,615 1

NOW THAT THE telly gods have answered our prayers and given the Healy-Raes their own reality show, our thoughts turn to what the blazes will be in it.

TV3 has confirmed today that cameras will follow Midday’s Ciara Doherty as she spends two weeks living with the family in Co Kerry.

We’re expecting Keeping Up With the Kardashians levels of glamour…

A hape of caps

For what is a Healy-Rae without his cap?

Images: Photocall Ireland

Hi-tech chat

Cllr Healy-Rae, the master of the one-liners, has been surfing  the super information highway to boost his campaign with the latest technology.

Poetry. Pure poetry.

via Irish Election Literature

Oh hang on, maybe not:

Banging tunes

Michael Healy Dre is representin’ for the gangstas all across the world.

Photo courtesy of Annie Lardner

Playboys lying around everywhere

Sure isn’t Danny Healy-Rae a Playboy star.

Image: Kerry County Council/ ‘photoshop wizardry’

Unusual noises

There’s a ‘hum’ in County Kerry that has been driving people “demented”. DEMENTED.

The Healy-Raes are on the case.

Maybe we’ll finally find out if it is in fact the beast from Father Ted.

Telephones everwhere

Whatever you do Ciara, DON’T MENTION THE WAR!


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